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So I basically dropped out of 40K for the last year of 6th edition. I had personal stuff going on, and I just was busy. I do that from time to time. I like to sort of forget to play the game a little, so that I can come back and start getting a handle on it.

So I am making an effort to paint everything that I own, at least army by army, before I start buying a bunch of new things. I currently have about two thousand points of unpainted Tau Empire. Some of this is redundant models (I own 3 magnetized hammerheads, but have 3 unpainted that I am going to make moduler hammers/devilfish). Riptides, vespid… you name it.

So far I’ve painted a squad of metal stealth squads, the new misslesides unit (with drones), and a drone turret I have owned for years that I never got around to painting. All of them have been fun to paint, and then I’ve been playing the hell out of them.

Which brings me to this: I hate the current tau meta.

Fielding stupid units and sitting there and rolling a bunch of dice, does not make you a great player. I’ve always hated gunline armies to be honest. When I started playing tau in 3rd ed they used terrain to play cat and mouse with their opponent and were fairly menuverable. The last codex with it’s broadside spam meant that people just took the hell out of them, then rolled dice and blew their opponents off the table.


Which is why I am going back to the roots for awhile. Highlander style, one unit of everything until I get a really solid feel for the book again.

I’m starting with my little metal stealths, with a piece of wargear that I have never heard anyone talk about, which I think is amazing. People don’t talk about it because it’s not a fire and forget, but man is it useful. The positional relay. 5 pts, and it let’s any of your outflankers come on any board edge that the model with the positional relay is at, including your opponents.

Now… how many things can outflank/infiltrate/scout in the new book?

Kroot – 20 kroot shooting you in the back… not bad and it is OpSec, so good there.
Stealths – Good, but I’m going to need them for the positional relay, and I don’t want to double up on them.
Pathfinders – Pretty good, but not amazing from outflank. I hate not using the markerlight. I do have a squad of the new models to paint, so I may start using them as a go to unit to see what I think about this… but my gut says it’s not great.

That it? Almost… there is a model left that again… no one talks about that 7th edition has made very interesting.


I have never liked her, but I took a hard look at her. for 135 pts she comes with double fusion, can fire at multiple targets, gives her squad infiltration (see 7th edition book), and gives her squad Stealth and Shrounding (7th edition). So I am going to stick her with 3 crisis suits with double fusion and drones and have her come in on the opponents rear and do unholy havoc in their backfield. I look forward to giving it some playtesting, but my guess is that opponents will not see it coming at all.

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