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Blood, Sweat and Tears…. ok maybe not those. More like paint, hand cramps and joy. That’s what 40K armies are made of. I’ve made a complete inventory of all of […]

Blood, Sweat and Tears…. ok maybe not those. More like paint, hand cramps and joy. That’s what 40K armies are made of. I’ve made a complete inventory of all of my unpainted Tau… it’s thousand of points. The Riptide is finished, and there will be photos next Monday after a local tournament this Saturday. She is already boxed up in the case and I am really happy with her. I’m breaking out the vespid that I have had unpainted since the 4th edition codex.

But, that isn’t what I really wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk fortifications. We have some great rules, they are part of the book, but… I’m not sure about you, but I feel dirty about fielding imperial fortifications with my aliens. If you are Imperial or Chaos then that is fine, you can easily use the plastic kits that they have. But aliens… blah that is just boring. It also opens all of us up to a great reason to collect some creative and themed terrain. Who doesn’t want to play on a table that matches your army. Slowly collecting all of the fortifications for your army, in your theme is a great way to collect some new terrain for a table, theme it, and learn all the great rules for buildings. Also, what great rules for us as Tau players! Having problems with people realizing to shoot the pathfinders first? Bunker! Friend taking lascannons to kill the broadsides and he knows just how to strip the missile drones before blowing them away? Bunker! Losing first blood? Aegis Defense line with a 2+ cover! Or how about Hammerheads behind the wall with the +1 cover save for a 3+ cover… because opponents love that stuff.

However, some terrain is harder to build then others. I use to live in a large place and could try my hand at scratch building anything I wanted. Now I live in 800 square feet (and love it) but that means all my equipment and what not is boxed up and I don’t like making a huge mess. Also… tau fortifications I think are hard to make.

The only tau fortifications that we have art for is the games workshop tau stuff at the Battle Bunker in England. Games Workshop Tau Fortifications/Buildings. I would love if GW had some Aegis Defense Lines like this, and some Tau bunkers… but such is life. However, I went and looked around, and can at least show you the things I have found.

Tau BunkerThis is a futuristic bunker from http://hivecityterrain.co.uk/ I have ordered it and also the model they have for a shield generator. I will paint them up and give a review later. The good… I think they look great! In addition, he appears to be working on a piece that would count as a Bastion as well. It looks solid, and with some paint and decals I think will stand out. What could we use it as. Wall of Maryrs Bunker is what comes to mind to me. The only problem I believe is that the wall of martyr has fixed fire points to the front, so I may have to play with the design to make something so that my opponents will be ok with it. In addition, on a Wall of Martyrs bunker, there is a place on top for another squad and a cover save. I’ll have to add that as well, but I am looking forward to it.

There are several good kits over at Warsenal. Most of the kits work for infinity primarily, but you could put together some interesting tau hab complexes with it. In addition, I liked the wall barricade so I bought two kits for my Tau Aegis Defense Line as well as their Tech Console to act as a Communications Node (re-roll reserves… how awesome). Again, I will be getting these painted up and reviewed as soon as I can. They also make a bunker, but I’m not quite sure what to use it as, and I simply liked the Hive City bunker better to be honest… for more tau(y).

Chapterhouse Studios has a great kickstarter for this type of thing… they just haven’t all come out yet. I love their aliens fortifications. The Necron one is out, and looks great. Watch the movie of all of it here: Chapterhouse Kickstarter

Micro Arts Studio has some great stuff, although I think their Tau Ceti stuff is the weakest of their fortifications. The Dark  Temple/Wraithstone/Hive/Cyber themed stuff is simply great.


Speaking of undead space robots and good pointy eared space elves… have you seen the things that Brush4hire is doing? If you want a themed table of stuff, go there! I am sure you can find something perfect for your fortifications needs. But for Tau… nothing… so sad.Brush4hire

I am sure there are some more out there. Let me know if I missed one with a comment. My goal is to have everything from a Aegis Defense line to a Firestorm Redoubt for tau over the next year or so. I’ll keep you guys in the loop!




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