It Finally Came!


Hey guys Mighty here! And guess what? My Forge World order finally came in the mall today! Woohoo! I was so excitied I rushed up to my room and tore open the box, then one of the coolest things ever happened. That made this 18 year old feel young (well younger) again haha. I pulled out my brand new Tyberos the Red Wake model in glee, then looked down to see there was another plastic bag next to the big box inside. So I pulled that out to find much to my amazment that they sent me 2 Tyberos the Red Wake Models! I know I know pics or it didn’t happen well..^

Two Tyberos for the price of one I can dig it! Can’t wait to bust open IA10 and read it then go listen to ep. 21 of The Independent Characters podcast.

So yea just thought I would share with you guys my luck. Has anything like this happen to anyone else? If so let me know in a comment. Well I am off to lose myself in another book. Later Days!

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