In my travels across the Ocularis Terribus I have come across many wonderful things, from Bubonicus’s world and the dancing human chain to the Unfleshed of Medrengard. In my most recent trip though, I had the great pleasure of encountering a traveling band of Noise Marines. Allowed me to acquire a vast sum of sonic weapons, which I have started amassing an army around. For some background; I come from leading Death Guard, having gone to the Nurgle School for the Blighted, this will be a big change for me. I recently started taking classes in pain by numbers and auditory deafening, in the hopes of mastering the Noise Marines. I have already learned many things about Slanessh’s servants and I hope to pass my knowledge on to anyone that will listen.

This will be begin a series in showcasing my adventures in playing the Noise Marines and Marked for Slaanesh. I am looking at a five part series, hoping to bring to life this army and what combinations are effective on the battlefield.

Part 1: Overview of Noise Marines.

Park 2: Kitting your Noise Marines.

Part 3: What goes well with your Noise Marines.

Part 4: What to Mark.

Part 5: Sample Army Lists