Democrats Debate

I am so amazed at the notion that 40k players would be reduced to cheating for wins! Most people are aware of fudging rules, picking up hits, and moving miniatures one inch too far. What I never knew till a few weeks ago, was by applying old Casino tricks you will start rolling like a god. The desire to win can be overwhelming especially, if you have an image to keep. If your the top dog of your local gaming area, I can imagine people with no scruples giving into such lameness. Besides if it is good for politicians and profession sports, it is good enough for 40k.

Curtesy of Yes the Truth Hurts here is Stelek dissertation on dice cheating.


As a side story. My friend told me about dice cheating and as a Casino lover; I know most things about gambling execpt for Craps, which happens to be were this cheating comes from. So I bought some Craps dice  to play 40k with, my friend promptly told me all about how to cheat with them, it is safe to say that I have not used those dice since, but they were so cool!