As 40k discussions ebb and flow they seem to keep coming back to one damn thing, Imperial Guard are the most OP thing since the first Olympic Dream Team. I say quit whining and learn to beat it because, the typical mech list has some flaws.

How do you go about beating a typical mech IG list?

Here is a good list brought to by Danny Internets blog.

175 – Company Command Squad (Astropath, meltagun x4, Chimera w/ HF)

155 – 10 Veterans (meltagun x3, Chimera w/ HF)
155 – 10 Veterans (meltagun x3, Chimera w/ HF)
135 – 10 Veterans (grenade launcher x2, Chimera w/ HF)
70 – 5 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers (meltagun x2)
70 – 5 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers (meltagun x2)

130 – Vendetta Gunship
130 – Vendetta Gunship
130 – Vendetta Gunship

160 – Manticore
140 – Colossus
300 – 2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks

Total: 1750

Besides being a total melta yawn fest, there seems to be something missing from this list? If you guessed dedicated assault squad, then pat yourself on the back. This is exhibit A, in why typical IG mech lists fail. The second an assaulty unit reaches their tanks they die. This is why you are already starting to see some changes in IG strategy. We are slowly moving from this type of list, to Commissar lead units with stubborn re-rolling 9 leadership.

Another problem with this list is its melta, too much of it. 40k is a game of ranges,  so when I do a threat analysis of this list I fear the Lascannons most, especially twin-linked ones. Kill those first, if left alone they will at least stun your transports giving the Vet squads one more round to get closer. As you may of noticed in Danny’s battle report his first opponent went right after the Vendettas. If you dedicate all fire to the Vendettas they should go down and I mean ALL your fire.

Which gets to another point, ignore Russes with their BS 3. You have an average scatter of 7, so chances are the tiny blast hole will do no harm. Targeting the fronts of Russes is often a futile excise, not worth wasting with better targets around. Players often wonder why they sold their Vulcan army for IG, but there is a reason behind why they cannot hit anything.

What to do about the melta? Feed the IG a unit or two by committing your opponent to killing certain units protects more valuable ones. This goes back to first point, usually the IG player knows that almost any basic unit can beat them senseless in assault, so give them no good options. Easier said than done? These are general guidelines in hopes of boosting your morale next time you face IG. If they want to play the one trick pony, then there are plenty of ways to exploit it. Take advantage of an IG player, if he is not going to use the vast other choices at his disposal.

Back to people whining. What got me all bothered in the first place was a post by Jawaballs titled: The death of 40k as we know it?

Really? Death of 40k? Learn to adapt, not just give up. One reason IG seem so scary is that they are still new, it takes time for a codex to mature. Right now people are freaking out and playing like noobs because, some players are taking advantage of opponent defeatism. Always remember your army has not changed, odds are what was working before still works today. Sure you might have to do some tweaking, but do not drop everything and join the “cheese” train that ends up on Ebay a year later. You can also bet that GW has been listening to the crying and let me predict: the new Tyranids codex will change everything.

Hold firm and switch out some units and see how best to balance your list better against Imperial Guard. This is not the time to pack up your current army just because, the Internet is telling you that you should join up or be ass out. Here is a comment from Jawaballs post that encapsulates my feelings on the subject,

Aldonis Wednesday, September 30, 2009 1:31:00 PM EDT Calm down fellows…don’t despair!

Let’s look at some data first:

Other than this years ‘ard boyz – Guard haven’t won a tourney.

Big Waagh – dominated by Marines – New Guard are second tier there. I saw a LOT of nice guard armies with pretty tanks and nice little airforces. But they didn’t out perform the basic Marine builds.

BOLS con – Tyrannids and Orks in the top spots? Right? Not sure the whole spread otherwise – but still not winning the big prize. In spite of it sounding like there are several good guard players in Austin area. I would imagine at least a few Guard armies did attend.

For ‘ard Boyz – the 2500 pt limit is a huge boon here – you have lots of nice shiny things in the guard army that are great weapons – but don’t fit in a 1500 or 1850 pt list – but bring it up to 2500 and you get to have a lot of fun. That is meant in no way as a negative to the guy that won – that was a great job. He choose a great army to go with.

Guard is a really good codex – and I think it can be and is top tier. There are a lot of options though to take against it. Anything that can outflank and hit them before they get hit has good odds. Most armies have that option. The missions can play against them also – still a lot of kP’s to give up and guard aren’t the strongest of armies to hold onto objectives.

Don’t give up hope Eldar, Marine, Chaos, Bug etc players – just find a way to crack that new nut

Questions to comment:

  1. How has your area been fairing against IG?
  2. What methods have you used to beat IG?
  3. Do you expect IG to be top dog next year?