Army lists will be the focus of this final report on everything Noise Marine and Slaanesh. As a warning, do not expect highly competitive builds. They will be effective against most opponents and balanced against any equivalent list.

All the lists will be at 1500 and should be easy to expand.

1500 Gibson

This a typical synergy army. All elements must work in tandem. I also tried to have unit backup; if Oblits fail bring in Termies. Havocs do not kill enough troops bring in double Doom Siren. Redundancy does not have to be about repeating the same unit over and over again, having flexible units are enough.

Simple Pointers:

  1. Havocs for transport and troop culling
  2. Sorc along with Termicide, use Icons from Lucius and Noise for precision strike.
  3. Lucius rides with Noise Squad to deal double dose of Siren.
  4. Lesser demons for tarpit or objective holding
  5. Oblits for Heavy Armor.
  6. Dred to soak up fire.

1500 Fender

This list is based on unit redundancy to make up for Noise Marine deficiencies. Remember that Lash does not always have to be used for offensive Mortal Kombat Scorpion tactics. Lash can be a defensive weapon as well. You can push units away if you are not ready to mount a barrage or assault. That is the point with this army you have to focus on one unit at a time because your units do not have enough firepower alone, but combine a Defiler with a seven man Noise Squad and then you are talking.

Simple Pointers:

  1. Give your DPs cover saves they are only T5 do not count on that 5+ invul
  2. Make sure a DP is charging with a Noise Squad it will provide that extra punch to finish most units off before they even get to swing back.
  3. Defilers either tandem with Oblits for Lash pie plate fun or go tank hunting if Oblits fail.
  4. Blastmaster squad is for Objective claiming, either keep a Defiler in CC range just in case you get pesky Deep Strikers

1500 Ibanez

This pure fun. Watch how some players become unsure on exactly how to deal with the Lords. Especially with the new Space Wolf Codex, which lacks many Eternal Warriors, might find themselves dead at the end of a Blissgiver stick. This list will fail, just remember that when you get lucky it can be spectacular.

  1. Use Termicide as decoys for the Lords. They are there to buy you sometime.
  2. Remember that Lords can break off and charge units the Spawn are not heading towards.
  3. Lesser Daemons are for tarpiting Walkers because if they get to your Lords or Noise Marines game over.
  4. Oblits are here because you need something long range just hope you get lucky.

1500 Blood & Pain

This is one of my classic mixed God lists. In my mind I refer to it as Kharn: The Greatest Distraction. Mounted in a LR makes for a juicy target that cannot be ignored. The LR real job is Rhino protection; so you can get Double Doom in range for some real damage. The flaw with this list is the lack of enough warm bodies and if your opponent realizes, you need to know when to feed him what he wants at the right time.

Simple Pointers:

  1. If you are feeling lucky run Lucius with Kharn especially if your opponent does not have high strength weapons.
  2. Defilers are primary template fire and tank busting they are secretly the key to the success of this list.
  3. This army should be moving every turn together, think of it like a moving castle.
  4. Do not be afraid to use Kharn and Zerkers for tank busting, the Noise Marines job is always back up.

1500 Noise Anchor

It can be hard to use large Noise Squads, you need to have other tough units for back up, in this case Death Guard. The DPs are more of a distraction for the Noise Marine squad. The true key with this list is the Plague Marines are the objective holders and the slogging Noise Marines should be moving up to give everything covering fire.

Simple Pointers:

  1. Don’t be afraid to throw your Noise Marines into assault against the right choice and to avoid template death.
  2. DPs are Noise support try to have them run off on their own and be out of range of the Noise Marines.
  3. Oblits are not MCs so have them move with the Noise Marines and provide cover if need be.
  4. Plague Marines should be the wings to your army as they are the only good mobile unit.

All these lists can be changed to fit your play style. Do not like Defilers, go with Vindicators. Tired of DPs, go with Sorcs riding in Rhinos. Just remember playing Noise Marines can get spendy so keep that in mind whenever you build a list.

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This finally ends my tactica on Noise Marines.

Questions for Comment:

  1. How do you run your Noise Marines and what works for you?
  2. Are the days of Lash over?
  3. How do you make Noise Marines competitive?