Today we look at Blood of Kittens picks for paint jobs of the year. These are some the winners from various Games Day’s across the world that spilled the right amount blood for the Blood God!

Marco Schulze

Marco Schulze with this epic model demonstrates that metallics do not have to be boring and without depth. The Space Marine triumph over the Tyranid scene is pure gold. The white and blues are an amazing achievement when applied to a metallic base.  You also cannot miss the beautiful work for the drivers.

Milan Jespers

Milan Jespers at first glance presents a very dirty model. If you look closely you can see the care and time that went into the pleated coat as well as everything else. With the current trends of hyper realism,it is good to see such a throw back figure, he could almost jump right out of some romanticism era painting. Milan as well does a great job to heighten the story like quality of the figure as he stairs off over some future battlefield.

Guillaume Hemery

Guillaume Hemery tells us that even Orks can do white. You could not have better rust on a model, it’s as if Guillaume has some rusted tractor rotting in some snow filled field as inspiration. If you look close enough you notice just how little blue there is on the model then you thought at first. The radio of colors are perfect as well as their execution.

Aaron Lovejoy

Aaron Lovejoy is hyper realism to perfection. Try and count all the different shades of purple. It looks like Aaron used an HTML color wheel to make sure he got the complete spectrum from pink to purple for this model. Not to mention the right touches of blue on the mask and stinger. Even the rocks she is standing on have purple highlights just to seamlessly blend with the model.

All these works represent just how far the wargaming painting has come. What is possible today we could never dream even five years ago.

Questions for Comment:

  1. Which of the four is your favorite?
  2. What have you seen around the net that qualifies as the best?
  3. What do you think is the secret to producing such great paint jobs?