Besides Canada providing us with a GT we have another one going on for ONE day only in sunny Los Angeles! The event was two days, but do to lack of players (16 atm) they were forced to pare down to a single day. At $60 bucks that is a pretty spendy one day event. After a great turn out for their Seattle event it seems that everything since then has gone down hill. This is the danger of expanding all at once and hoping that the lure of tickets to the GW held  event next year will be enough to pull players in.

Here the letter players received notifying them of the dramatic changes. It looks like they got these emails June 21st, less than a week before the event.

Hi gang,

If you are receiving this email it is because you are a registered player for our GT Qualifier this coming weekend. We have a very small number of players involved, and the last thing we will ever do is cancel an event ever again, so this is what we came up with to make this first year effort viable.

With only 19 players total at the moment, we will be able to hold the event as a One Day event on this Saturday June 26. With the number of players involved, we really only need four rounds to declare winners for the event, so we will be running four rounds on Saturday.

We have booked a venue that is more suited to the size of the event, and yet, is still close enough for those of you who choose to stay at the original hotel. (The hall is just under 1.5 miles from the hotel.)

The new location for the event is the Knights of Columbus hall located at 1127 N. Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim CA 92801. I’ve attached a google map attachment to the new location from the old location. Here is the link.

It is important that we hear back from each of you in the next couple of days to verify that everyone has received this information. Once you respond, we will send you a schedule for the day.

On a very positive note, the board building and terrain building projects are going well. We will have all very high quality boards and terrain for the event. Thanks to Ray Gonzales and his gang for their help. We will be storing the boards in the OC area, so that the community can have access to them at the St Crispin’s Irregular meetings held at the same venue throughout the year.

I will be sending out updates a few times a day with who has responded and who we are still waiting on, as some of you might know some of the other folks playing and be able to call them directly if they miss this email.

We have prize support to hand out, and most importantly, four golden tickets to award to the winners of each of the tournaments.

Thanks for your understanding as we do everything we can to go through with the event, yet keep from losing thousands while we build this new tournament in the OC area.

Also, each of you will be eligible to purchase a ticket to our second show in the OC the weekend of November 5-6, the Orange County Crush, for only $1. Our way of saying thank you for supporting our new effort.

Take care,

 This was pulled from Dakkadakka so if you want to read more about head to this thread…

Anyway a great local player Doc is running the event as the head judge. So for those that are going for the one day they should at least have a good time. I hope to get some results when they become available.

For more information about Conquest Events here is their official site.