Well looks like a missed a GT last month that had people qaulifiing for Vegas as well the small Conquest Invasion Event in Las Angeles. So here is a quick run down of the winners for those two events.

First is Game Summit out of 41 players we have had Orks and IG taking the top spots here is a pic of the break down of the winners.

As well there are some video and photos from the event.


As well as this link for photos.


Looks like another great Canadian event.

On to Conquest Invasion which had 14 players and was a four game one-day event.

The winner was Space Wolves and the army list looked like this…

Dreadnought w/AC and HF
2xLone Wolves w/Power Weapons, 1 Has a Melta bomb
2xTeminators w/SS+WC
1xTerminator w/2 WC’s
1xTerminator w/Cyclone
1xTerminator w/Cyclone and Chainfist
3xWG w/Combi-Melta
1xWG w/Combi-Flamer
3×5 GH w/Melta in Heavy Bolter Razorback
1×5 GH w/Flamer in Heavy Bolter Razorback
3×6 LF w/5 Missile Launchers in Assault Cannon Razorback

and the other ticket went to a Ork player.

Here is the point totals for the Conquest event.

LA Invasion 40K Results