So here we go we are minutes away from the final round of Wargames Con and it could turn into an ETC championship…

Table 1

Jon Willingham (Space Wolves)


Russell Adams (Orks)

Table 2

Adam Tricola (Space Wolves)


Ben Mohlie (Vulcan Space Marines)


30min in on table one and Gaz Thacka gets Jaws….

Now time for pic fest of the top two tables.

If it is green it is table 2 if it is orky it is table one.

Will be adding pics as the game goes on….

Bottom of 3 on top tables looks like orks are tanking shocking their way to victory…

They are adding up points Orks looking good will see if anyone can leap frog from a lower table to take it away from the Orks…

Looks… Like Vulkan Space Marine and ETC Team Captain has leap frog over the top table….

Also table 4 had max out IG player…

Best Overall which also had most battle points goes to

Ben Mohlie and his Vulcan Space Marines

Best General with second most battle points was

Jon Williamham and his Drop Space Wolves army.