I really don’t know where to start, I am completely flummoxed.

I am getting tired of playing the blame game.

I just want it to stop.

You may or may not have noticed, but I left out some army lists from the final tables at Da Grand Waaagh on a previous post. The reason for that is…

They are both over points! The overall winner of the Da Grand Waaagh is 5 points over and one of the Space Wolves players that went 5-0 and on table two was over 9 points!

I just don’t get it.

They both handed me their lists at the end of the event without pause or second thought. They both didn’t use Army Builder. They both had no complaints from their opponents. They both seem like great guys. They both had to submit their lists in advance to the event. They both broke down their wargear and unit costs precisely they just didn’t add the totals up correctly!

Here are the lists handed to me (save as if you want a clear look)

and now the other army list.

Just by added their own submitted numbers each army list is over 1850.

Here is the lists put through army builder.

Walter Denlinger Best Overall


Frankie Giampapa 5-0 Table 2 Space Wolves

both are the same points over.

So who should be held accountable?

This is obviously a problem from the NovaOpen to Adepticon– folks on all sides are not catching these discrepancies. Making matters worse this sort of thing has happened on the top tables for all these events. Makes you wonder what is happening on other lower tables…

The funny thing is I was literally talking about this problem with the Fantasy Group LD2 that run the Quake City Rumble Fantasy GT in the parking lot right after Da Grand Waaagh was over.

This is how LD2 deals with legal lists. They stole this idea from another Fantasy group. It starts with all lists being pre-submitted, then put through Army Builder, then gone over by hand if Army Builder is buggy, then the list is water marked and printed out by LD2 for each game. If a player wants to make a last-minute change before the GT starts; the judges look over it first and must sign for any changes. The list they give you is the only list allowed and shown to your opponent. If someone is using a different list or their models don’t match then blame can only be with the player. This is a time-consuming endeavor, but let me inform you that Quake City Rumble has over 100 fantasy players each year which is much harder to keep track of than 40k. If Quake City Rumble can do it, then I think we need to start demanding the same commitment from all GTs to verifying for legal lists,¬† so this sort of thing can stop happening.

What the Da Grand Waaagh does about this is up to them, Blood of Kittens is getting tired of being police.

This sort of thing just has to stop happening otherwise everyone will feel cheated no matter who is to blame.

Also don’t miss out on again on Wednesday for another after school special this time here is a video hint…