Hello again boys and girls, Unicorns and children of all ages, Brent here to talk Killzone Blitz!

Ever heard of Killzone?  What about Big Jim, or Galaxy in Flames?

You’re in for a treat and I’m glad I can be the one to hand out the candy.  So hop in, sit right next to me, and ignore the hand.  Pay attention!  This weekend is the Killzone Blitz.

Brent: Jim, I came to Killzone a bit late.  I’d seen mention on your blog but I’ll admit I didn’t really understand how big this was until I saw BSMoove start churning out Killzone Squads.  So man, come clean: what’s Killzone and how did it get started.

Big Jim: I was taking a break from work on the Soul Reapers Fandex and wanted to play some small scale skirmish games. I love games like Necromunda and Morheim. The guys in my gaming group are pretty pressed for time with families and work taking up most of our gaming time, so this was just an opportunity to get some 40k in a small space of time.

Brent: Okay, let’s back up a bit and talk about you.  How long have you been in the hobby?

Big Jim: I have been gaming for about 34 years, my Dad is a historical wargamer. So I grew up in the hobby. I have been playing both WFB and 40k since their 1st editions in the 80’s. I totally adore both worlds and doubt I’ll ever completely stop playing the games involved.

Brent: Was Galaxy in Flames your first avenue into the Blogosphere or were you involved in other online sites prior to that?

Big Jim: My first Blog was Flames of War centric during my two year break from playing 40k regularly. I started Galaxy in Flames due to burn out on the forums scene.

Brent: I have to say, you’re probably best known for your original content, your fandexes like the Soul Reapers.  What does that mean to you?  How did you get started?

Big Jim: I try to be a beacon in the Matrix of GW officialdom, offering up red pills to anyone who is interested! I spend most of my gaming time living outside of the box; if I don’t like the way something works in the game I see no problem changing it. I share my experiences with the readers of my Blog.

The Soul Reapers started off as an antagonist in one of my groups many ongoing campaigns that I run. We decided that we wanted to have a totally unique “Baddie” to interject into our story lines. It snowballed outta control as most things do when I start being creative!

The tweaking of wargames is a long tradition in my family. There has never been a game system created that has survived intact once it makes contact with our hands.

Brent: Let’s get back to Killzone.  How did it get started?

Big Jim: Killzone got started as I tried to make a few house rules to meld and fix both versions of Killteam together into a workable system. As I did this I found myself adding more and more too it; drawing from 2nd ed 40k and Necromunda. The project quickly avalanched out of control.

At that point I knew I should just make it a standalone project adding my own flair and flavor!

Brent: I’ve heard tell of Adepticon; what surprises have you got on the horizon?

Big Jim: Yes it is true Adepticon will be holding 3 Killzone events over the weekend. My buddy B.smoove is busting his butt to make this event outstanding!

BSMoove is the blogger behind A Gentleman’s Ones, a personal favorite of mine and the subject of On Blogging Part II.

On this Sunday 10/10/10 we are asking all the fans of Killzone to Blitz the internet with Killzone content! We couldn’t resist letting this once in a century opportunity slip by us without doing something special. The content can be anything Killzone related, for battle reports, modeling, painting, reviews and thoughts bout Killzone.

I will be collecting links via email and updating Galaxy in Flames ever 2-3 hours with links to all the cool stuff that the fans are posting.

Finally we will be uploading the campaign system in the next few weeks and the advanced rules PDF in early November!

Brent: What do you want people to know about Killzone?

Big Jim: Killzone is the perfect opportunity to bust out and repaint some old classic models; which has been a very popular option so far. The other neat thing is the opportunity to build a Special Operations Group for an army that you like the models for but don’t want to commit to building an entire army for.

I think one of the coolest things it the ability to play a bunch of games with your buddies in an evening since the games run 30-45 minutes on average.

Brent: So, Jim… here’s a question I’ve been wondering: just how big are you?

 Note: this question could have turned inappropriate quickly!

Big Jim: 5ft 9inches tall and 300 pounds although I am getting smaller every week. I am 40 pound less big than I was in January.

So folks, you’ve heard it here.  Check out these links and start looking through your collections; Killzone is everything you like and nothing you don’t!  Man up!  Give it a try!

Bonus Question: Blogs as magazines – it’s an analogy mate, roll with it – Bell is People, YTTH is Guns and Ammo, and Blood of Kittens is US Weekly…

…what magazine is Galaxy in Flames? Soldier of Fortune!

Lightning Round!

  • 1) Bell of Lost Souls or Yes The Truth Hurts? A little of both.
  • 2) Blogs or Forums?  Blogs
  • 3) Metal or Plastic?  Depends
  • 4) Painted or Unpainted?  Preferable painted!
  • 5) Competitive Player or Fluffy Bunny?  I like rabbits!
  • 6) Friday Night Fights or What the hell is that? FNF
  • 7) Brent or Not Brent? Always Brent!
  • 8) Battle Reports or How-To-Posts? Both
  • 9) Troller or Lurker? Depends on my mood!
  • 10) Unicorn or Girl Gamer? Gamer Girls FTW!

Thanks for playing!  Okay folks, this weekend is the Blitz – Big Jim will be updating his site with all the blogs that’ll be showing off Killzone goodness.  Don’t be left out!

Thoughts?  Comments?  Hugs and Gropings?