All lists are winners of from various Indy GTs held this year.

This was the first full year of the Indy GT Circuit which brought together 40k players from across North America to play games in the hopes of winning  tickets to 2011 GW hosted Las Vegas finals. Supposedly sometime in January 2011 winners will be receiving their tickets to attend this exclusive event. In the meantime, let us look back at some of the lists and either defined or defied the 40k gaming scene this year. Here are Blood of Kittens picks for Best 40k Army lists of 2010

Thomas “Goatboy” Reidy AdeptiCon Championship Tournament Winner

One of the best stories from AdeptiCon this year was the story of how Goatboy’s list came to be. Thomas had just played the Gladiator with a different Space (Wolves) Goats before and wasn’t feeling it. His championship list was similar, so in one night he twisted it and changed to some pretty different. I am sure somewhere in the dens of some blog or forum the idea of mounted Wolf Lords just by themselves without the obligatory Thunder Cav unit for escort had been cooked up. It just had’t be executed quite like this.. Each of these Lords were deathstars in of themselves, soaking up fire to give time to the other elements of Thomas’s army as they pick you apart. This list was really the harbinger of a growing Space Wolf dominance we see today. I am sure a little site like BoLS and this list might of helped that psychology along.

Ben Mohile Overall Winner WargamesCon

Ben Mohile list from WargamesCon was basically a test run list for is run at the ETC… with one minor addition. That of course being Vulcan. Watching this list in action was like watching some throwback army list from when the Space Marine codex first came out (only missing Sternguard). Watching Ben play it was obvious that this list was about controlling the board and protecting valuable assets Ben knew for the most part that this list was going to win not by rolling you over, but by out playing you. There is nothing fancy with this list it simply just built on redundancy of purpose.  With a tough to dislodge center of Vulcan and his Redeemer and if I recall I think Vulcan died more times than the Land Raider ever did in seven games.

Reece Robbins Best General SoCal Smackdown

Reece can explain this list better than I that is why he wrote for Blood of Kittens explaining. See here. What impressed me about this list was that it was not the boring Space Wolf list we had grown accustom to this year. It also used one of the most expensive units in the book that many players over looked. Reece has always been clever about lists from Footdar to this. So many players don’t or can’t experiment with different lists and units. Reece has no problem giving a unit a try. Still this list does retain most of the competitive Space Wolf pieces that everyone has grown to love– he simply adapted Bjorn in.

Before we get to the final army list in this little jaunt of armies (that own more than your armies) let us play some army picture association. You tell me which army from the models that appear on the screen has the best chance of winning a large tournament?

So which one could it be? Well if you answered the army with the D-Cannons you would be right! That army comes from one of the most illusive and mysterious competitive 40k players in the America.

Greg Sparks Da Boyz GT Best Overall

Not only did Greg win all his games even one of his opponents said it felt like a good old fashion prison shank to the gut. Now lets not rehash year old Internet drama about Foot Eldar because this list would take it too far. I mean f*%king D-Cannons are you kidding me?! Pathfinders! What!?!? No Eldrad? If you can explain how this list wins a major event be my guess because it cannot just be because of his comp score. Though I will have to say, me and my friends have been talking about Vibro cannons as a possibility for Eldar armies, but D-Cannons that is a little extreme don’t you think? Also one of the writers for Blood of Kittens happened to play this list first hand. So if you get a chance I think sometime next week he will have a battle report on his blog. I think the blog is called Strictly Average or something.

Anyway that is Blood of Kittens picks for Best Army Lists of 2010. What do you think and how would you crush them?