Here are Blood of Kittens’s picks for best 40k blogs of 2010

Best Tactics Blog

3++ is the new Black

As other tactical blogs have failed or faded away 3++ has kept on getting bigger and better. With multiple authors and a fearless leader this blog gives you all the advice you ever want without making you feel like a total idiot. They keep current and consistent with what they believe is good or bad about 40k. While you may not always agree with what they have to say their opinions are backed by thoughtful explanation with humor mixed in.  3++ also surprisingly features an IRC flashback a  chat room where anyone  is welcome to discuss 40k or any wargame.  If there is one place to talk tactical shop this is the place.

Best Overall Hobby Blog

Galaxy in Flames

Big Jim’s Galaxy in Flames is a love story of one man and his hobby. From a fandex to skirmish rules, Galaxy in Flames exemplifies the 40k hobbyist in the most classic sense. Galaxy in Flames is a  great showcase on how creating a blog can introduce you to new people and ideas making friends along the way. Making Galaxy in Flames a great template for anyone trying to start a blog like this.

Best Painting/Converting Blog

Wargaming Tradecraft

Wargaming Tradecraft from N++ is one of those hidden gems that everyone needs to discover. There are many bigger painting sites; but none feel as down to earth, nor does it try to sell you some service. This is not a professional artist applying his skills to miniatures. This is from a person that has tried, failed, and succeeded at making himself a better painter. From tutorials to how-to use a something as simple as a towel Wargaming Tradecraft does it in simple and clear way that anyone can get. If you have any passion for painting models this is one blog you don’t want to miss.

Best OMG I just started playing 40k again let me make a blog about it Blog

Claws and Fists

I recently discovered this wonderful blog that shows us what happens when someone finds an old copy of Space Crusade one year ago and flips out and starts a Space Wolf army. This fun and fresh take on someone coming back to the hobby is great. Filled with the trials and tribulations of two friends as they explore the world of painting, tournaments, and everything else the hobby throws at them. If nothing else you should read this blog to support the blokes that write it. I am sure they would love the attention.

That does it for the best blogs of 2010. I also what to give out a special thanks to the House of Paincakes which without them I would not of discovered half of the blogs written about today.

So what blogs do you think we should all be blogging about?