Most of y’all know me as an Ork player.  That’s probably good, ’cause Orks are certainly the 40k army I’ve had the most success with.  However, I also own Eldar.  I’ve played and loved Eldar since 2nd edition and they are some of my favorite models out there.

I love their background as race brought low by hubris.  A race with unimaginable power that became just a small spark in the galaxy.

I’ll tell you what I hate though, the Eldar dex as it stands now.  Blech!  I’m not going to argue the merits of the list in terms of competitive level (I think mechdar is still effective, some think footdar can be…yadda yadda), but I think we can all agree that there are certain all-stars and some real duds.  But I think the biggest issue is that the list doesn’t really do a good job of showing the Eldar units to be truly elite.  Nor does it really make any of their “advanced” weaponry sound even remotely appealing.

As a mental exercise I started working on re-writing the ‘dex and coming up wtih better rules to really make some of these units more interesting and more competitive.

I really tried to make the units be GOOD, but not too good, and also make sure that even though they still have relatively cruddy stats, make sure they don’t become a horde army.

Some of the rules I came up with now look silly in comparison to some other rules that have come out since I started this (like GK’s teleporting vs my Warp Spiders…), but I think they still hold up.

What I’d love is to have some discussion on this dex and see what people think of the various rules and the points levels I assigned to them.  This was done almost 100% by me with exactly 0 game testing, so I’m sure there’s some loop hole or broken unit I missed.  Would love to hear some opinions.

The other reason I worked on this was because I really like what The Codex Project is doing and wanted to try my hand at this before delving into a completely new race with no existing rules.

Well, anyway, please read and enjoy!

Fluger’s Eldar Codex