Here are some results for the month of August from events that feed into Throne of Skulls Games Workshop annual Tournament.

Got an email from Mike Major with a great summary of Astronomi-Con Vancouver Event. Held a few weeks back. Astronomi-Con events specialize in all parts of the hobby. As well it is one of the few 1500 pts events, so instead of me rambling let Mike take it away!

First of all, here are the results:

Best Overall – Michael Rusca – Space Marines

Mike R. had a fairly standard Space Marine army. Fairly mechanized
but no drop pods. He had a Thunderfire which he used to fairly good
effect. You can read about his army and his game experience at the
event here:

Best Sportsman – Marshall Reeves – Imperial Guard

Marshall was playing his IG which won best appearance at the Vegas
Throne of Skullz. Gorgeous army! Jason ‘Doc’ Dyer came in 2nd on a
tiebreak for Best Sport.

Best Army – Mitchell Stevens – Space Marines

This was, IIRC a very cool Imperial Fists Army.

Best Appearance – Dave Violago – Eldar

Dave’s Eldar are always gorgeous. This was his first venture out to
Astro Van and he had added a pair of the new FW Hornets to his force.

Best General – Jeff Everitt – Space Wolves

Also a very nice army. Really lovely painting and conversion in this
force. I expect he was up there in the standings for Overall as well.

Best Terrain – Dean Gilbert – Tomb Raider

Dean brought some really cool Egyptian Themed terrain. Hopefully
there will be photos…

Best Single Miniature – William Hellebrand – Fateweaver

Massive amounts of greenstuff and kitbashing on this model. Really
nice work.

Best Army List – Les Sohier – Plague Marines

When a Nurgle player shows up in a Hazmat suit with a huge box with
bio hazard markings all over it, makes you sign in duplicate for your
own hazmat suits, makes you put them on and only then lets you open
this gigantic case to find a scroll wound around gigantic (real)

Let’s just say it was quite the performance!

The event was a sellout at 36 players and ran very smoothly.

Here is a pdf of what I could piece together of best overall’s list.

Michael Rusca Astronomi-Con Vancouver Best Overall

Here is a pdf of the complete results.

Astronomi-Con Vancouver Results

As well another blog did took a bunch of pictures from the event and another write-up.

All out of Bubblegum

Here is a picture of the best overall