If you are a regular trafficker of 40k blogs you may have noticed blogs supporting a very cool and great event that is right around the corner. I would like to throw my support as well for the Feast of Blades held in Denver CO. The Feast of Blades is one of the few large events held in the mountain west.  They are also looking for feedback about their missions– with 3++ doing a great job of providing. If you want to help or attend go check the FoB website. It is happening the first weekend of November. I wish I could make it, but I am tapped out for flying around to major events for the year. Here though is a quick synopsis of what you can expect from this excellent event.

Invitational 40k Tournament- This is our mainline tournament and it takes the 2 top players from 32 RTT’s held at FLGS around seven states.  This is 2000 points, uses a win/loss format (love it or hate it!) and is 7 games over Saturday and Sunday.  I personally feel that it is one of the most competitive settings in our gaming world.  Painting and Sportsmanship aren’t factored into total score, just the win/loss record.  We require painting and “best appearance,” is given by player vote.  “Best Sportsmanship,” Is also given by player vote (Who gets the most ‘fav. Opponent,’ votes).

40k Open GT- This is the GT you would expect at any other Con, anyone can enter and you have a wide variety of gaming personalities.  People cannot play in both the Open and the Invitational simply because they are both 2 day events.  This event is for those people who didn’t qualify for the Invitational, either because they didn’t place first or second or possibly they didn’t live near a ‘qualifier location.’  This is a 2000 point tournament that runs Saturday and Sunday This event is fully prize supported on its own and is run as a battle points tournament + Painting and Sportsmanship (70% battle-20% painting-10% sports).  I really want to focus on this event because I feel a lot of people have only focused on the Invitational.

The next event is a more “casual-competitive,” environment.  This is the tournament to play in if you want to have a more relaxed and competitive time.

40k Narrative track- This is for our “anti-tournament,” crowd.  We are pitting and entire force of 30,000 points of Eldar against all comers over Saturday and Sunday.  This is a tree-campaign where certain actions in previous games affect future games… As I said it is going to be everyone against the house on this one.  This allows us to do crazy things and have the happy excuse of ‘its for the story,’ this event does have prize support and will be given away for doing ‘cool stuff,’

Fantasy GT –2200 point Fantasy GT, fully Prize supported

Warmachine/Hordes and Infinity Tournaments –

Yes, we have these as well.  we’ll have three press gangers supporting this event and there are three tournaments One on each Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Feats of strength –

If you have ever played Xbox you are familiar with the achievements system.  It gives you awards for doing small things during your games.  Some of ours include “Brass knuckles: Capture 5 KP’s with one unit in a single game in CC,”  If you achieve them the we give you a purity seal which we casted up specifically for this event.  Every event has feats of strength in it.  The whole point is to make this event fun even for the guys who are ‘not competing for top slot,’

on top of our thousands and thousands of dollars worth of prize support I will also be going around the gaming floor with a “wargaming santa bag,”  Ill be giving out almost 100 finecast models throughout the weekend and all you need to do to get one is look like your having a good time.  I might simply just give you both one, or ask for a dice off, or even ask for a piece of fluff quiz and the first one to get it right wins the model.  Long story short, you won’t be leaving empty handed.

After hours events/ 15 hours –

In the fluff, 15 hours is the average lifespan of a Guardsman… We have tons of after hours events including Pod Racing and A Gladiator battle-royal-rumble where you put in your special characters and watch them fight to the death, winner take all!!  We are also doing a screening of Ultramarine (with a fun drinking game!).  Our ’15 hours,’ is a program we are running to encourage after hours gaming.  You get points for playing in after hours gaming and demos, if you get 15 points you will be given a special gift (we are trying to get black hats with the commissar symbol on them).  We also have tank/titan battles and a storm of magic game late into the night.

Painting classes: We have several painting classes all weekend given by Golden Daemon and Slayer Sword Winners.