I just booked my flight and got my ticket to WargamesCon 2012 which looks to be even more fun than last year. Once again I will be playing in the Mirror Match event which is less Mirror Matchy, but close enough to get my vote! Here is a look at the list everyone is required to play with one wrinkle…

HEADQUARTERS: Pick one HQ from the list below: (you must use the same HQ for the entire event)

-Daemon Prince, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission, Wings
-Chaos Lord, Mark of Tzeentch, Daemon Weapon, Wings
-Chaos Lord Mark of Nurgle, Daemon Weapon.


Plague Marines: 7 man squad
7 Plague Marines, Plasma gun x2

Khorne Berzerkers: 8 man squad
7 Khorne Berzerkers, Skull Champion
-Rhino with Combi-melta

Black Legion Chaos Space Marines: 10 man squad
Chaos Glory,  Plasma gun x1, Lascannon,  Aspiring Champion with Combi-plasma

Raptors of Slannesh: 6 man squad
5 Raptors, Icon of Slaanesh, Meltagun x2,  Aspiring Champion, with Lightning Claws (pair)

Chosen of Tzeentch: 9 man squad
9 Chosen,  Icon of Tzeentch,  Meltagun x3

Summoned Greater Daemon

Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons, Dozer Blade,  Extra Armor

I intend to either go with Kharn or the Tzeentch Lord and not give into what I am sure everyone will be doing and take the Lash Prince. I also hope that the new Chaos book doesn’t come out before the event because can you say… awkward.

Besides the Mirror Match as always I will be covering the Championship tournament.

WargamesCon is one of three events (Adepticon & Da Boyz as the others) where the winner earns a spot on Team America as they challenge Europe for the ETC title. WargamesCon is also a strict defender of Battle Points allowing folks with even one loss a chance at crawling back to the top. For more details follow the link below.