We are at the half way mark for the 2011-2012 Throne of Skulls Tournament Circuit so lets catch up with the events, winners, and their lists from the past year.

Gateway Grand Tournament Chad Clay’s Dark Angels

Independence Day Massacre Jermey Yates’s Eldar

Astronomi-con Toronto James McBeath’s Space Marines (Army Builder Bugged Add Drop Pod and Rhino to each Tact Squad and Drop Pod to Sternguard)

EndlessCon Richard Jennens’s Space Wolves

Bugeater GT Tony Staub’s Chaos Space Marines

Boston Brawlcon Ben Molie’s Space Marines

Buckeye Battles Damon Jenkins’s Orks

The Big Show Joe Giulini’s Orks

Bolter Beach Lance Naumann’s Dark Eldar

Maul In the Mall Kevin Drury’s Dark Eldar

Montana 40kcon Chad Nelson’s Orks

Game Summit Skirmish Will Paul’s Imperial Guard

The Warmaster 40k Challenge Joathan Ho’s Space Wolves

NovaOpen Gabe Dobkin’s Imperial Guard

SoCal Smackdown Reece Robbins’s Space Wolves

Astronomic-Con Vancouver Micheal Rusca’s Space Marines

Battle at Blob’s Park Ken Johansen Grey Knights

Da Grand Waaagh Reece Robbins’s Space Wolves

Battle for Salvation Neil Gilstrap’s Grey Knights

Da Boyz GT Nick Rose’s Black Templars

MechaniCon Simon Leen’s Blood Angels

Feast of Blades Nick Rose’s Black Templars

Missing a few of the army lists from some of the events. If people have knowledge of those lists please comment below.

As you can see we have an interesting army breakdown from the first half of the circuit.

4 Space Wolves

3 Space Marines

3 Orks

2 Dark Eldar

2 Grey Knights

2 Black Templars

2 Imperial Guard

1 Chaos Space Marines

1 Blood Angel

1 Dark Angel

1 Eldar

Doesn’t look like much as changed in the current meta with Space Wolves still on top and Orks defying Internet expectations. Interesting to note the drop in Imperial Guard winners, maybe people are finally realizing how to beat them. Also I thought Grey Knights made the not worth playing…

The circuit picks up again next week with The Conflict GT and ends Alamo40kGT in May.