Continuing the President’s Weekend extravaganza of tournaments we move on to Ottawa CA and Game Summit 2012. The Game Summit is larger nerd con that happens to hold a one day four game 40k event.

Game Summit had 41 players running 1850 lists.

As for winner it was Will Paul one of the best players (he won last Game Summit) in Canada. Last time he won a tournament it was with Imperial Guard.

So obviously this time he had to change it up!

So in a bold move totally unexpected move he decided that no one would expect Grey Knights! Not just any type of Grey Knight army he went with Draigo Wing!

So before you go crying about Grey Knights this list is actually really interesting in many weird ways.

Here take a look!

Will Paul’s Grey Knights Best Overall Game Summit 2012

It has three scoring units… if you can call them that. I would love to know exactly how he was able to win all four games needed to take the tourney.

For the full results here you go.

Game Summit 2012 Results

For some pictures from the Game Summit check out this Flickr account

For other coverage here is a battle report and forum discussion.

All in all looks like it was a great event!