As me and fellow brothers close in towards the Adepticon Team Tourney we have taken upon ourselves to spread the gospel of the Kelly. In order to spread the Kelly properly it is important that we design armies from each of Phil Kelly’s Revelations or as commonly known the Eldar Codex, Ork Codex, Space Wolves Codex, Dark Eldar Codex.

The first Kelly Revelation is the Eldar and Archpontiff Geoff will be playing and spreading their word. Here is a look at his list.

The First Revelation Army List

The second Revelation will be used by me Archbishop Nick in the form of the Orks.  Here is a look at my list.

The Second Revelation Army List

The third Revelation of Space Wolves will be used by Archdeacon Josh

The Third Revelation Army List

and finally we have Archlama Zach using the final Revelation of Dark Eldar

The Fourth Revelation Army List

Armed with the words and armies of the Kelly we will not be denied! We believe the Kelly has sent divine guidance to us in the form of these lists and has given us the tool necessary to face any adversary, included the armies of the false prophet Ward.

I think it is appropriate now to share some of the good words from the Kelly as the countdown begins to Adepticon!

From the First Revelation…

“Runes of Warding: A Farseer can use runes of warding to throw up psychi interference to hinder his for. All enemy Psychic tests be taken on 3d6 suffering a Perils of the Warp attack on any roll of 12 or above.”

Even as the oldest Revelation the Eldar Codex foresees the coming of the false Grey Knights and their insipid powers won’t have an effect against the mighty Eldar. It is just one of the many powers that the Kelly has revealed in his codexes…

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