8:00am cst– just woke up got some food and headed down to the cluster frak for the day. Looks like Adepticon is really off to sloppy start for some reason. The last couple years have been quite orderly, but it looks like the con is jittery about the potential amount of people that could show up.

9:00am cst– looks like the championship will not start on time. We are looking at maybe 1 hour late start. In the end they started about 10 min late. As well some heavy hitters are absent from the event like Ben Mohile and just heard one of the final 16 from last year Brent from Strictly average also has dropped out. To make matters worse (if you hate grey knights) at least two other final 16 players from last year have switched to Grey Knights for 2012. I am sure others have made the switch as well; will start my GK head count shortly…

Expect updates and photos through out the day…


So after three rounds we have a few surprises.

First off no nid players out of 240 players. Grey knights are dominating the number game, with space wolves next followed by Necrons and blood angels. Orks are way down from last year but no gone.

Two foot dar players are 3-0… Reece Robbins and Greg Sparks

Tony K. Is still 3-0 with his space wolves.

1 demon player is still 3-0

But biggest surprise so far a 3-0 tau player with an ethereal could make it to day 2

As well all of bell of lost souls is out with goat boy, Darkwynn, Brent (with space wolves) all losing

Of the last year 16 looks like Paul murphy, tony kopach, Brandon Vallee are still in.

So round 4 is starting and the marque match up of game 4 is tony kopach (space wolves) vs. Reece robbins (foot dar). Will keep you updated on that one.

Hulk Smash lost as well. It is hard to tell what new comers are in the running to go 4-0 but we will soon find out.

Two foot dar players are 3-0 Greg Sparks and Reece Robbins, with each missing on facing gk.

So in the battle of tony vs. Reece.

Tony gets to go first and puts a few wounds on wraithlord and is done.


Reece’s dice are pretty hot, but now Tony’s redundancy should keep him in the game. Top of turn 3 now.

Reece loses harlies through tank shock bad luck and loses war walkers to bad placement.

Reece pulls avatar needing a six to get harlies to auto rallies and does he is still in it but tony is on the move 🙂


So in a nail bitter it ends up being a tie.

So it will be grey knights vs. the rest of the game in finals.

With 7 Grey knights going up against…

2 space wolves
2 orks
1 IG
1 eldar
1 necron

1 demons
1 dark angels