Wow, what a weekend!

I am finally starting to recover from the long nights and  days that was Adepticon 2012 weekend. Anyway while most of the world hoped that Grey Knights wouldn’t be the overall champ it wasn’t to be!

Still thenot Grey Knight codexes had some great performances with everyone rooting for a Foot Dar and Necrons finals.

As a warning, last year when I posted the lists it crashed my site, so if things are slow trying to access them, please be patient.

Before I get to the lists here is the Army percentage break down for the championship tournament.

  1. Grey Knights 22%
  2. Space Wolves 16%
  3. Imperial Guard 11%
  4. Blood Angels 9%
  5. Necrons 8%
  6. Space Marines 7%
  7. Dark Eldar 6%
  8. Orks 4%
  9. Chaos Space Marines 4%
  10. Eldar 3%
  11. Daemons 3%
  12. Dark Angels 3%
  13. Black Templars 2%
  14. Tau 2%
  15. Tyranids 0%
  16. Sisters of Battle 0%

There you have the “best codexes” of 5th lead the pack.

As for the final 16 lists here you go.

Alexander Fennell’s Necrons 1st Seed Adepticon 2012

Tony Grippando’s Grey Knights 2nd Seed Adepticon 2012

Mike Mutscheller’s Space Wolves 3rd Overall Seed Adepticon 2012 — Foot Wolves Unavailable

Justin Cook’s Grey Knights 4th Seed Adepticon 2012

Bill Kim’s Daemons 5th Seed Adepticon 2012

Jose Mendez’s Dark Angels 6th Seed Adepticon 2012

Joakim Engstrom’s Grey Knights 7th Seed Adepticon 2012 (Over 5 points cannot account for them)

Doug Johnson’s Orks 8th Seed Adepticon 2012

Brett Perkins’s Imperial Guard 9th Seed Adepticon 2012

Paul Murphy’s Grey Knights 10th Seed Adepticon 2012

Tony Kopach’s Space Wolves 11th Seed Adepticon 2012

Dave Ankarlo’s Grey Knights 12th Seed Adepticon

Brad Chester’s Adepticon Overall Champion Grey Knights 13th Seed

Nick Nanavati’s Grey Knights 14th Seed Adepticon 2012

Reece Robbins’s Eldar 15th Seed Adepticon 2012

Tim Gorham’s Grey Knights 16th Seed Adepticon 2012 — Alternate to Ricky Johnson Ork Player — List Unavailable

Well there you have it the final 16 from the Adepticon Championship Enjoy!