Soon the Galaxy will Burn and Ruinous powers will rise, but before that happens it is time to leak some more information from the new 6th edition Chaos Space Marine Codex!

This time around I want to be up front, I am not going to have as much as I did in my last drop and I have not been tracking other rumors about the CSM codex, so I could be repeating stuff from other sources. On the good side a lot of it will be about the special characters! If nothing else I will be refuting or double confirming what others might have leaked.

I do want to comment on another rumor that just floated out there day. Someone posted a list of all the new releases GW will be having in the next year. I want to let you know that it is complete bull pucky. Of course, the list does have some truth to it especially when you just re-list the entire GW line of models that doesn’t have newish models! I am also going out on a limb and say that CSM codex is going to be Sept not just the starter set.

As usual with Blood of Kittens Chaos Space Marine rumors we won’t just spam you with all the rumors right now, we have to rev up the hype machine by doing what so many hate: WAIT!

With in the next 24 hours you will be inundated with the bliss and blood that is the new CSM codex! If you just have to be  notified the second I drop all your CSM needs you will have several options to get it.

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