I know, I know there is this other large event happening this weekend on the East Coast, well guess what it won’t be as fun as the event I will be attending.

As I posted earlier Celesticon is a Northern Californian nerd and geek convention that happens to have lots of 40k events thrown in the mix. Anyway I am heading on down there tonight to see friends and watch Team Zero Comp put on a fun and laid back Apoc style game called Lazy Boys.

Tomorrow though I am jumping into Doc Dragons’s 40k Tournament it is a 1750 3 round tourney, where every model must be painted and 6th edition in full effect. I will post some pictures and what not from the various games including mine. This time around I have a taken a very unconventional Necron list that should get me no where fast, but will be blast to play.

TastyTaste’s Necrons Celesticon 2012

In addition, I will post any cool information I might get about the Dark Vengeance Launch over the weekend. My is to get get impressions from friends and fellow players on what they think about the new box set.

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