It is that time again for Cosplay and 40k to unite into one amazing cacophony of badassness! To give you an idea of what to expect check out my previous post about this event.

Comikazi 2012

and the official website for Comikaze

This year we got Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Todd McFarlane, Felicia Day, and Mark Hamill to name a few.

Most importantly is the 40k tournament that I will be attending. This time around I will be my Necrons. After an undefeated showing at Celesticon a few weeks ago I am taking another really bad Necron list and see what happens!

Here is a look…

TastyTaste’s Comikazi Necrons!

Anyway once again this should be loads of fun and I will have lots of photos of stars, cosplay, and warhammer!

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