Can you believe it!

6th edition is almost five months old?!

I know I can hard to believe, because if you look around the Internet you would think we been playing it for 10 years!

The chattering class looks to be settling into a detente over, which is more, broken Necron Flyers or Chaos Daemons. What they are not talking about is the main reasons (IMHO) both these armies are doing so well.

The reason: Cheating or more specific not knowing the rules.

I am not going to point fingers at anyone because I have all ten to point at myself!

Now there are two types of cheating: benign cheating (not knowing the rules) and the other, just plain old cheatin, cheatin. In my personal experiences (so far) playing Necron Flyers, I have found myself cheating up a storm! From the firing arc, turning arc, jinx saves, and exploding, it seems like every damn time I run those bloody things I find some new rule to forget.

Thankfully my opponents have been generous in pointing out my indiscretions with the greatest of patience. To make matters worse, I only own three Night  Scythes, and being someone who (I thought) had a firm grasp on the rules, it really made me think, am I the only one having these problems?

I have found even my opponents are playing Flyers wrong most of the time. Flyer rules are just that foreign because of all their restrictions, reminding me of Warhammer Fantasy in many respects. This may sound terribly anecdotal, but I have to wonder who else is cheating with Flyers?

We see Necron Flyer lists doing well, could it be perhaps the people playing them aren’t playing them correctly?

Think about the vast number of players that don’t play Flyers, they are at a severe disadvantage, and not knowing the rules well enough makes it easy for opponents to walk all over them. With the exception of not being able to assault Flyers, I find Flyers not terribly difficult to deal with… when played properly, but what I have found, is me being more of a dick when faced against them. Part of me wants to give me my opponents some slack because of my own guilt, but if you are running six or seven Flyers should you expect much sympathy?

It reminds me whenLeaf Blower lists were all the rage; the difference being the IG gun line is a point and click army that even weak generals can use. You cannot say the same with Flyers. So when I hear stories or see tournament results where Necron Flyers lists are winning I have to take it with a grain of salt. Not because I think those lists are bad, but because their power is over stated.

My biggest concern with this type of lists is the constant rules lawyering I have to exercise every time I play against it. I don’t want to be that guy, but I feel like I just have to, otherwise I get cheated, and my opponent won’t learn how to play the army properly. For the community, I don’t want all the “disposable cash players” just buying the latest hot army and stomp players while cheating at the same time.

As for the new Daemon rage it is a whole set different set of bandwagoning. The danger with the rise of Daemons isn’t only because the redux units are soooo good, but the rules update is less accessible. I love Games Workshop revisiting old units and updating them, but it is not without dangers, each new update means another set of rules that not everyone will have, nor will everyone play correctly. Between the time the rules are out, and the time a FAQ is released clarifying them, people will already have jumped on to the next update.

The moral of this story (if anything) is knowing the rules and don’t assume something is broken because you see folks winning tournaments with stuff that is easily manipulated and exploitable. The history of 6th edition is barely written and all this talk of OP Daemons and Necron Flyers is only the echo of Nob Bikers, Dakkafex Spam, Lash Lists, and the whole host of ideas that came before, proclaiming the mantle of “most broken” in the Warhammer 40k universe.

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