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 Oh poor Lufgt...

The former Chapter Master of the Astral Claws oddly, is still the newest character added to the pantheon of Chaos Space Marine characters. Huron's fluff is great, but his rules have never seemed to measure up.

If only Forge World was assigned to create the perfect Huron...

...oh wait...nevermind...

As it is we are stuck with the current iteration of Huron Blackheart and if wasn't for one saving grace, Huron would most assuredly forever collect dust.

Before I let you in on the not so secret secret, lets look at the differences between 5th edition and 6th edition army list entry.  Here is a side by side comparison.

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Huron Rules 2007

Huron Rules 2007 



Huron Rules 2012 Rules

Huron Rules 2012 



 Compare & Contrast

  • Cost Reduction from 170 to 160
  • Better Invulnerable save
  • Psychic Power changes (Hamadrya)
  • Changes to Weapons (Tyrant's Claw)
  • Master of Deception

--10¢ for your Trouble--

The cost reduction is more a reflection of across the board reduction for most Chaos Space Marine HQ choices. Personally, Huron is still about 20 points over what he should cost in comparison with your average Chaos Lord.

--Now 50/50 for Doubled out--

I wish Kharn got the Sigil of Corruption, but oh well. This minor boost does give Huron a fighting chance against the random Powerfist hit, but it also means that he cannot lead from the front, taking wounds from S8 shots without risking a failed Look out Sir.

--Random for the Wind--

The competitive side screams bad idea, but on further review why not? All Huron lost was Warptime which means he only lost the ability to re-roll hits. Now Huron can take powers that no other Chaos Space Marine can take, especially the Divination goodies.

--One Step Forward...--

The changes to the Tyrant Claw are for the best. Have the Power Axe and the Tyrant Claw gives Huron the flexibility to swing at I5 instead of just I1. The best part is he keeps the ability to destroy tanks and re-rolls wounds.

--Sneaky as Sneaky does--

The most important change was giving Huron the Warlord Trait Master of Decepetion making D3 Infantry Units Infiltrate. It is having this ability that makes Huron a possibility for certain lists. Only problem Huron himself doesn't have Infiltrate, so he cannot join any unit that has it.

The most important change was giving Huron the Warlord Trait Master of Decepetion making D3 Infantry Units Infiltrate.

Putting it all together…

When I first saw the new rules for Huron I was really disappointed. I was disappointed because it was a missed opportunity. He was the one character that really screamed extreme makeover. His great background and sidekick dino Deamon, Huron could be so much more. Instead, we got reduced cost, random psychic powers, and nothing that makes Huron stand out.

The real problem is that you can make a Chaos Lord that is cheaper and better than Huron. Huron unlike the other characters doesn't really change how your army works. Like how a Chaos Lord changes your army depending on the Mark. Huron could’ve been the Chaos Lord for the Undivided, but that didn’t happen.

Still, Huron isn’t a slouch in Assault. He has three attacks that are either AP 3 or AP2. He can destroy most vehicles with ease and flame large units with impunity. Huron being unmarked can join any marked allowing him to jump around a mixed mark armies. The Hamadrya gives you a few extra attacks and a random psychic power. Interestingly, Huron is the only way Chaos Space Marines can get Divination powers. Though the power is random, Huron only gets a limited number of powers to roll for. So, as long as you can avoid Pyromancy Huron should get a something decent to use.

A big problem is Huron can still get doubled out because of his Toughness, and unlike Kharn Force Weapons will get him as well.

After I got over my initial sad face, I discovered something that does make Huron different. Huron is the only character besides Ahirman that can give Infantry units Infiltrate with this Warlord Trait. Depending on your opponent’s army you have to choose either to Outflank or Infiltrate. If you want to design around Outflank consider taking an additional Slannesh Chaos Lord on Steed for a guaranteed second Outflanking unit. Huron has two problems with his Warlord Trait; he cannot join the Infiltrating unit and the number of units is random.

Still, what units should Huron have Infiltrate?

A large squad of Chaos Space Marines does double duty: scoring unit and able suck up a lot of wounds. If you like Outflanking, taking Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters can be quite effective. Huron also can give Infiltrate to Chaos Terminators, which in turn can make a dedicated Chaos Land Raider Outflank. This is where not being able to join Huron is extra annoying.

If you are looking for creative ways to get Huron in your army also consider him as your secondary HQ choice. The idea is that you can join him to any Death Star and hope he can get one of the better Blessings. It is a long shot, but imagine a unit of Plague Zombies with +4 invulnerable saves for instance. There are other combos that otherwise wouldn't happen with Chaos Space Marines.

Memory Lane: Huron Blackheart

--Ways to play Huron--

The following lists are by no means meant strictly for competitive play, they represent a cross-section of the Chaos Space Marine codex allowing for flexibility and variety. 

Death Star Configuration: Huron Death Star List

Balanced Configuration: Huron Balanced List

MSU Configuration: Huron MSU List

Horde Configuration: Huron Horde List

Fluffy Configuration: Huron Fluffy List

Daemon Ally Configuration: Huron with Daemon Ally List

Ork Ally Configuration: Huron Ork Ally List

If you have any questions about how to play these lists feel free to email me using the contact information below.

Final Thoughts…

Overall, Huron isn't going to make it into most armies. Huron is cheap and if you are looking for something different you might want to consider him as your second HQ choice. Otherwise, Huron does fit well in fluffy unmarked themes or experimental Infiltrate lists.


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