Once again I am taking part in another TSHFT event in sunny Seattle. This time it will be the biggest TSHFT of the year! The list I am taking is Necrons with Chaos Space Marine Allies. The general concept is have as many AV14 things I can bring!

Here take a look!

TastyTaste’s TSHFT Open NecronCSM List

The plan is it go against Meta and take advantage of the Melta-less environment which has developed in 6th edition. Hope it goes well! It should be a lot of fun no matter what; many players at TSHFT have seen my three Monoliths before and always enjoy seeing them.

Expect a lot of pictures of my games and the pretty armies I am sure to find throughout the day!

Game 1 I won vs. new DA he took tactical spam with speeder spam and the Bolger banner. I stayed in transports and got objectives.

Game 2 was against necrons csm and all heavy were scoring. He had as many hqs as I had and all mine died 🙁 anyway lost but got a bunch of bonus points so not doing too terrible 🙂

Game 3 got the match up I couldn’t get dark eldar lance blaster venom spam got really owned but got a few extra point so who knows where I am in the standings.

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