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Zero to Hero…

To claim Typhus isn't one of the best HQ in the Chaos Space Marine codex is to say Horus doesn't have daddy issues.

Typhus is a top five HQ units in the game.

It is what you always want from a character that wasn’t used in the past; now catapulted to stardom.

Typhus does nothing bad. Typhus can do it all, and the faster you realize that, the better you will understand how to play or counter him.

Typhus was one of the worse HQs in the previous edition because of cost, survivability, and other much better options around.

Take a look at a side by side comparison to understand.

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Typhus Rules 2007

Typhus Rules 2007 



Typhus Rules 2012

Typhus Rules 2012 



Compare & Contrast

  • Price Increase from 225 to 230
  • Increased Weapon Skill 5 to 6
  • Less Attacks, Manreaper, Destroyer Hive
  • Cultists to Zombies
  • New Psychic Powers

--Does it really matter?--

230 points 400 points it doesn't make a difference, Typhus is the way to go for Nurgle, no matter the list or the point cost.

--In Line with the Rest--

This was a simple case of bringing Typhus in line with other Chaos Lords and Space Marine Characters in general. The best part is that most Characters won't be hitting Typhus on 3s.

--Designing a Better Plague--

Typhus has lost a few attacks which is shame, but with Daemon Weapons being better this isn't the worse thing. Then, take into account that Manreaper gets 2+ strength, so what is the problem? The biggest change is the Destroyer Hive which was cute before; now the Destroyer Hive has the potential reduce any unit that surrounds Typhus to pus and goo.

--Brains anyone?--

This change has already shaped the competitive scene. Zombies are now the go to Troop unit for most Chaos Space Marine lists. This has been made all possible by Typhus and with the unit size FAQ taken care the floodgates are open.

--Papa Nurgle Protects--

Typhus must generate all his powers from the Nurgle Discipline. This is for the most part a good thing especially if you can get Gift of Contagion and now with Dark Angel Bolter spam coming to a tabletop near you I sense Weapon Virus will get some love.  The best part though is that any unit Typhus is in has 4+ Deny the Witch.

To claim Typhus isn't one of the best HQ in the Chaos Space Marine codex is to say Horus doesn't have daddy issues.

Putting all Together…

Typhus is a ultimate triple threat; he unlocks one of the best Troop units in the game, and makes another insanely good. Typhus is also a beast in close combat with only Strength 10 weapons posing a real danger. Typhus might only have 5+ invulnerable save, but gets another with Feel No Pain. Typhus can kill units in many ways between the Destroyer Hive and his Deamon Weapon. Finally, Typhus is a Psyker, with access to some great Nurgle Powers.

With such a great resume, it is no surprise most Chaos Space Marines armies feature Typhus. Typhus is destined to lead every Nurgle list from now till the next Chaos Space Marine codex.

Typhus is 230 points and frankly you would pay 300 points-- he is worth it! The value of Typhus relies on the amount boxes he checks.

The Chaos Space Marine codex is filled with good HQs, but when building a list you often feel like you need that additional HQ to get exactly what you want. Example, you want a certain Cult Troop you have to take a Chaos Lord, but you also need a Psyker, so you have to take Chaos Sorcerer as well. All of sudden you are paying close to 400 points between HQs to get the list you want.

Typhus frees your army to take that Daemon Prince you always wanted or just focus points on the units that matter.

What he does for Troops can be summed up in one word: Zombies! Having 35 Fearless, Feel No Pain models for 150 points is incredible. If Zombies weren’t enough what about Plague Marines? Plague Marines are the bed rocks for most armies going way back and with Typhus leading them you have a very impregnable unit.

Typhus has a drawback; he cannot Sweeping Advance, and often can found holding his lunch. Typhus gets a useless Warlord Trait, so if you take another Chaos Lord use his Warlord Trait instead. The major problem with Typhus isn’t in his rules, but the player that uses him, because Typhus is so good players can start to think he is invincible.

Typhus remember is still 230 points and just because he orchestrates how your armylooks doesn’t mean he cannot be killed. Thunder Wolves, Lysander, and Dreadnaughts aren’t units that should be taken lightly and throwing Typhus at them is foolish.

It is the overzealous player. Typhus shouldn’t run out and by himself, nor should he get caught in Challenges that leave him wasting attacks. Using the Cultist Champion or Plague Champion to suck up a Challenge is very important whenever you have a HQ with a Daemon Weapon like Typhus.

Avoiding Challenges goes double for Typhus does have the Destroyer Hive, which if used correctly can neutralize any unit that wants to tar pit him. The best part is if Typhus joined to Zombies cares not if a few die in the blast.

Besides Plague Marines and Zombies Typhus next best buddy is Chaos Terminators. Using Chaos Terminators is a classic choice for Typhus to join and provides a tough blender of flies and filth that cuts through anything. Keep it simple take a one Chainfist then mix up your Power Weapons along with a few Combi-Plasma for good measure.

Typhus like I said has it all, it is just a matter of what you as general. It is simple to take Typhus and spam Zombies, but as the meta adjusts you will see players adapting. Typhus might end up running with Possessed, who knows, right now Typhus is the best you can have for Chaos Space Marine HQ.

Memory Lane: Typhus

--Ways to play Typhus--

The following lists are by no means meant strictly for competitive play, they represent a cross-section of the Chaos Space Marine codex allowing for flexibility and variety. 

Death Star Configuration: Typhus Death Star List

Balanced Configuration: Typhus Balanced List

MSU Configuration: Typhus MSU List

Horde Configuration: Typhus Horde List

Fluffy Configuration: Typhus Fluffy List

Daemon Ally Configuration: Typhus with Daemon Allies

Imperial Guard Ally Configuration: Typhus with Imperial Guard Allies

If you have any questions about how to play these lists feel free to email me using the contact information below.

Final Thoughts...

Overall, Typhus is a must buy. Most competitive lists going forward will feature Typhus, he is just that good. Expect a mix of Plague Marines and Zombies hordes to fill the bulk of most Chaos Space Marine armies along with Heldrakes. Typhus is here to stay so you better get use to it.


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