It has been what three weeks since Faeit has been taken down? Already, I have seen frantic wargamers salivating at the mouth wondering when their next rumor fix will happen. As if having 45% rumor success rate was a good barometer, but if anything, Faeit has proven that it doesn't matter how many you get right just that you have hundreds of them!


the notices I have received from Blogger are for individual posts, and declares that those particular posts are removed to draft status. Nothing from either Games Workshop or Blogger about the removal of the blog itself.

I will continue posting, and things will continue. so stay tuned.
until then I will be posting up on my YouTube channel.

Instead everyone got caught up by an intrepid hysteria builder that posted links from an archive for the DMCA.

Now, GW and all media corporations send out DMCA copyright complaints, and most of the time they are cheap scare tactic. When content provides like Google, Facebook, and Amazon get hit with cease and desists they hide behind the DMCA safety blanket and unilaterally take stuff down. These large companies put the burden of proof on the user, taking the path of least resistance when it comes to copyright complaints. So, they take down the offending material and leave it up to the original poster to make the case why it isn't copyright infringement.

This is one of the main reasons anyone that has a blog should get off Blogspot because you don't control the content and can easily be victimized by any over zealous company that pushes legal boundaries.

From my perspective posting a leak picture to a White Dwarf pretty clearly falls under "Fair Use" especially for a site like Faeit which is a "news" site. Where Faeit can get into some trouble is by posting entire sections of a White Dwarf and even then the bar is high for Games Workshop.

Enough talk about copyright I want to talk about the smugness of one site in particular that loves to think its shit never stinks: WARSEER

This UK based forum is the home for most of the rumors you find from Games Workshop and once it was posted Faeit might had been taken down what did Warseer do? First off they (like everyone else) didn't wait for the real story. Instead, all comments went right to the defense of Games Workshop. As if Warseer never posted a leaked photo of anything in their entire existence. Instead of defending a rumor monger who always links back to Warseer, posters decided to call piracy!


This isn't the only time Warseer posters and moderators have played enjoyed double standards. Warseer has no problem defending fraudulent rumors, ignoring rumors from non Warseer mongers, to taking credit for rumors they didn't start.

I understand that everyone has their favorite blogs and forums, but if Faeit had been taken down completely by GW, that effects everyone who wants to report wargaming news. Thinking because a forum has "strict moderation" will protect if GW really comes a knocking is ludicrous.

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