These days it seems like there are geek documentaries everywhere, from Star Wars to Live Action Role playing, almost every sundry nerd hobby has been explored.

I find it a little odd Wargaming hasn’t really been explored much.

It might have to do with the seemly static nature of the games or it might have to do with the antagonistic nature of Wargamings largest company. Last year, I did find something and made a post about it, a short YouTube documentary about Wargaming.

To refresh your memory here is the video again.

Fast forward to today and the same filmmakers are trying to produce a full length documentary about our little hobby.  In order for this dream to come alive they need us, the wargamer help. So, they decided to start a Indiegogo fundraiser for their project.

To get a better idea on exactly what this film will be about here is a promotional video.

The Love of War – IndieGogo Campaign from The Love of War on Vimeo.

If you want to support this project please do, because the world needs to know we are not basement dwellers!

If anyone has a 40k related project you need a shout out for help you can always ask BoK for support.

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