For those watching the legal battle between me and Romeo, On May 29, 1013, my lawyers filed an Anti SLAPP Motion.

Oral arguments are scheduled for July 8, 2013.

The following documents are a matter of public record and provide insight into the information posted in the original article that started this mess.

Hayden Anti-SLAPP Doc

Tuttle Declaration

Wolf Declaration

Vela Declaration

Lee Declaration

Brandt Declaration

Baer Declaration

Tucker Declaration

Hayden Declaration

Legal Clerk Doc.

Blood of Kittens takes its ability to present hard-hitting news and information very importantly, and this site will continue to do so for as long as possible.

As a reminder, I was lucky enough to procure a pro-bono defense, but that didn’t stop me from incurring a sizable amount of legal costs. The money I would normally use for the hosting Blood of Kittens has been effected. For Blood of Kittens to operate I still have to ask the community for help with donations.

I think it is essential, more than ever, to keep on doing what this site does; be it rumors, news, or blunt commentary about all aspects within our community. So, if you like to support Blood of Kittens’s mission, please donate whatever you can. Currently, donations have made a deep cut into the costs Blood of Kittens has incurred, but to get Blood of Kittens over the finish line, a little more help is necessary, so anything would be amazing!

I would like to also deeply thank everyone that’s donated already it really means a lot to me!

[cpDonation id=’bokdefensefund’]

Any overage will go to the organization that made it possible for me to get the amazing lawyers defending the site today.

The Online Media Legal Network.

OMLN provides an invaluable legal referral service, with their main goal to find pro-bono or reduce rate lawyers to defend online journalists and bloggers. So, if you don’t like Blood of Kittens at least consider donating to them, because defending journalism and freedom of speech is something everyone can get behind.

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