Events of War a new website dedicated to finding 40k events and tournaments easy. While forums and other online resources provide ways to find Warhammer 40k events, there has never been a super convenient place to find them all.

Events of War hopes to change that!

With an easy interface and the power of Google maps Events of War is that one stop to find every event. Use Google Maps to zoom in to any part of the world to see exactly where an event is being held!

Events of War also has simple features that make things even easier. (Click to Enlarge)


Everyday features like the search box to find all the events in a particular month.


Interested in only large events just click on the listing type and find all the two-day and plus events.


You also have the ability to filter your map by location. Want to see only Canadian events pick Canada and hit the filter button! The floating information tab is movable and provides a snippet of the event you currently have highlighted. Then there is the list toggle that shows all events in alphabetical order, just click on the event and be taken to more information.

Events of War Website



Beyond all those features, you can comment on an event or give it a rating, so other gamers know if the event was worth attending. At launch Events of War has over 50 events listed, but that is hardly enough! The best way for Events of War to grow is by organizers promoting their events through the site.

So if anyone knows of event that is not listed just message the website and get it up ASAP! The only rules for submission is having at least a few lines describing your event, address/location, and a website or contact for players.

In the future Events of War (if successful) will have more features and game systems.

Submit your Event!
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