Most nerds and geeks known of the website Geek & Sundry, home of all things Felicia Day. The website has done a pretty good job of hitting all the geek g-spots, even adding Beasts of War weekly news program to the website. Recently though Geek & Sundry has added a new channel called Geek & Sundry vblogs. It is a hub where people can watch YouTube videos on all things geek. Geek & Sundry is currently running a contest to add 10 new vblogs to the channel, and one of our very own wargaming mavins That (Geeky) Teri Girl has made it into the Top 30– out of at least 400 entrees!

Now that she has a pretty good chance of making the final cut it is time for all of us to show some support and like, follow, and stalk her vblog.

Here is what she needs us to do!

I made it to the Geek & Sundry top 30 from which they’ll be choosing 10 to add to their vlogger network and as it turns out, I’m the only person talking about miniature wargames (and was out of the over 400 entries). To give you some contrast: there’s currently 3 puppet enthusiasts in the final 30.Voting doesn’t determine the winners – but it is a factor. If people actually WATCH the video, like it and comment, it’s actually more important.

Thank you so much!
So with that go help a girl out!
If Geek & Sundry allows a lame thumb wrestling Vblog then by god it needs an awesome Wargaming vblog!

If anyone else has a 40k related project you need a shout out for you can always ask BoK for free support.


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