As everyone was opening holiday gifts word hit that Warhammer 40k 7th edition was going to come out next year...

I never knew a limited edition bundled rules set over-priced book would constitute a whole new edition, but let the rumor mongers spin, spin, away.

Anyway, the real leak and depending on how it shakes out is the upcoming Games Workshop sponsored Global Campaign. This could be the best thing to happen to 40k players in a decade.

Word is coming in that Independent Retailers will be given details on Global Campaign for players to run. With recent job openings for more online and digital staff it looks like GW is moving back to its roots with an Eye of Terror campaign for a new generation. 

At the moment details are of course sketchy; it could be nothing more than a GW stunt to ask retailers to run in-store events with no incentive. The hope though is a campaign where stores keep track of games and input them into some sort of database and GW tallies the results and provides a story and swag.

Here is to crossing our fingers!

Let us all hope it to be true!

Games Workshop has returned to organized play.

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