Now even Games Workshop is starting to admit the end is near, it is time to look back at what once was. Regardless of how you feel about White Dwarf, it had a long and illustrious existence and whatever form it takes next, it will still live on in the hearts of many old balding gamers.

One of the things that made White Dwarf so iconic in the first place was the original art that often graced its covers, even though it is a thing of the past, time to look back at those endearing images.

Here is a selection of some of my favorites.

Cover by Chris Achilleos

Not only is this one of the best covers of all time, it happens to reveal for the first time Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader.

Cover by John Blanche

This lovely lady is quintessential John Blanche,  is so Heavy Metal Taarna inspired it hurts, not to mention full blown 80s.

Cover by Geoff Taylor

GW is dominated by certain artists and by the late 90s Geoff Taylor was in command with this modern take on the Eldar.

Cover by Les Edwards

This classic cover was part of a series showcasing then young artists, something which has continued (in some form) throughout White Dwarf history.

Cover by Paul Dainton

This is cover is in your face Ork action heralding the arrival of late 4th edition Orks right before 5th edition Warhammer 40k hit.

Cover by Polly Wilson

Finally, this hauntingly amazing cover is from a by gone age of fantasy art, still don't be surprised if finds it way on a Folk Pop album cover.

So long White Dwarf and as always, thanks for the great memories!


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