So, if you been living under a rock today news broke about the imminent release of the Imperial Knight. All we have seen the easily Photoshopped picture and so called "reliable rumors" from a few weeks back. It makes sense for imperials to get a Wraithknight/Riptide scale baddy, but the now leaked White Dwarf rules gives me plenty of anxiety.

Imperial Knight/Errant

Knight: 375
Errant: 370
WS4 BS4 S:10 I:4 A:3 AV 13/12/12

Now sounds pretty cool, but wait it isn't a monstrous creature or walker, but instead is a Super-Heavy Walker. Worse still, it allegedly has D-Weapons. It is possible the nightmare situation many players have been dreading is about to pass: Super-Heavies in average codex. If it is in WD and Imperial Guard come out next you can imagine it making it easily in.

With the bad taste many players have over Escalation GW could again really shoot themselves in the foot if these units are Super-heavy only. If the Imperial Knight is even real, I hope the rules turn out to be bogus and we get a Monstrous Creature or normal Walker instead.

Here is the image if you haven't seen already seen it.

You be the judge!

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