Sometimes, a product comes along that requires a double take, and sometimes even a triple take! Games Workshop has developed a must have for any self-respecting collector, in addition to paying $4 bucks an issue you can now, protect your precious White Dwarfs with their very own BINDER! The White Dwarf binder can hold a whopping 13 issues and has gold lettering on!! It all can be yours for $16.50!!

There is no way I could find the right words to do this product justice, instead I will let the White Dwarf writers do the job!

If you’re anything like us, you like to keep your White Dwarfs nice and organised and
within easy reach for reference (if only just to look again at Glenn’s astonishing Imperial
Knight Freeblade from issue 5. What an inspiration!)

This new binder allows your wildest organisational dreams to come true. Sporting a black,
textured cover with a gold-embossed White Dwarf logo, it can hold 13 issues of White
Dwarf via tough-wearing sprung cords. Available from the Games Workshop website and
available for delivery to your door or to your local Games Workshop store (where you can
pick it up with your next White Dwarf), it’ll make both your magazines and your shelves
very happy indeed. 

I cannot wait to look at all those White Dwarfs I already forgot about a few weeks ago, it is great to have easy access to the same content I can always find in a simple Google search. I am sure those "sprung cords" will hold up to daily bathroom break for heavy-duty reading.

So my only real question, is White Dwarf only going to last 13 issues in the current format?

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