Operation “Freak Out” is in full effect over at Internet Warhammer hysterical Land; as slowly but surely the truthiness of 7 edition starts being revealed. Only problem, it is really going to be 7th edition or instead 6.5? It reminds how rumor mongers these days go into full backtrack mode the instant their perceived logical progressions fall through. My recent favorite has to be the Forge World rolled into Games Workshop through the website, how did that turn out?

Anyway, it seems many folks have taken the recent poor GW financials and rolled it into this imminent new release. Then there are others so wrapped up in their anti-6th blankets, they believe GW has somehow come to their senses. Everyone though can agree in shape or form this is a money grab, selling us update rules. Like most people though, I couldn’t see beyond the money grab reasons GW would speed up the release schedule.

I used my own logical thought processes; it just didn’t make sense for 7th edition to come out so soon after 6th. What did make sense was a glorified FAQ, since we hadn’t had a major one since April 2013. Like clockwork it looks like I am correct; within 24 hours of the news breaking, GW itself through store managers and customer service reps have implied 7th is nothing more than 6th updated.

Still, something was nagging me until my good friend pointed out what was right under our noses, and makes the most sense for GW behavior. 6.5 isn’t all about money, instead it mostly about one lawsuit and the effect on there trademarks. Remember what happened only a few months after the last blanket FAQ?


Chapterhouse Studios taking GW to the legal cleaners making 6.5 is about establishing GW’s IP under the shellacking from last year.

Coincidence, 6.5 comes out a month after the new Imperial Guard name change? We can expect the new rule book to be chalk full of new words and things to make the GW universe cleaner for the lawyers. Why has GW suddenly removed a shit ton of models also? Sure some are poor sellers becoming direct only, but many are getting the repackaging treatment; by my guess to get in line with upheld trademarks.

This is a good thing for Games Workshop in the long run. They can properly establish what words and marks they actually do own, and make new ones, without stepping on anyone who might already own them.More importantly, the new trademarks can be used to slap stronger lawsuits against any 3rd party company who might dare copy GW products.

Does this mean GW litigious nature is finally over? My sense is it is only in hibernation. As the appeal process meanders about in the Chapterhouse case, GW is keeping their legal head low. In fact, it seems like ever since their disastrous head lawyer was probably fired last fall, GW hasn’t threatened much of anyone. Leaked images haven’t received cease & desists, 3rd party companies are making more and more lookalike models than ever.

Now, like all the other rumors floating around this is just as speculative as any, but I think looking at recent events it makes sense and a bigger motivator than just sell more models.


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