If I hadn’t taken a two-week vacation away from an Internet connection this would have been up a lot sooner, but as it is I am back and it is time to get pimping!

I know, not another Kickstarter.

Wargaming Kickstarters as you know are primarily new third-party games that have nothing to do with Warhammer 40k, but this you can actually use with your Warhammer 40k armies, mainly Orks

Better yet it isn’t even a basing or terrain Kickstarter, instead this one is from one of the best third-party bits makers in the world, Maxmini!

Anyway, here is the video from Maxmini about their first Kickstarter

If you find this Kickstarter worthwhile follow the link below…


As you can see the project is already funded, it is also important to mention that Maxmini has been around for a number of years, making them very reliable, so don’t think they won’t follow through with their pledges. Personally, the artillery and half track stand out for me. As of writing this article you still have 13 days to pledge, and the Green Alliance Kickstarter still has three stretch goals left!

So, if you like quality, Orks, and Grots this is the Kickstarter for you!

If anyone has a 40k related project you need a shout out for just ask BoK for your support.




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