Here is another buying guide! This time we are presenting an alternative model for the Forge World Ork Flakk Gun Once again the masters of alternative Ork models Kromlech will provide the model. Kromlech's Flakk Gun can also be used for a variety of other Ork units from Quad guns to Big Mek guns.

Kromlech alternative is called the Orc Flakvierling. As the review will discuss this model is large-scale unlike many similar models. While Orky in intent don't let it stop you from being using the Orc Flakvierling in Imperial force as well.

Once again the review will be brought to you by my good Ork fanatic Pez.

Kromlech Orc Flakvierling Kit Review

By Pez5767

If you've read my other two posts about the Kromlech Juggernaut Mecha-Armour and the Armoured Orcs kits, then much of what I've said before regarding Kromlech's models remains true of this kit in terms of scale and detail.  However, I thought it would be fun to not only review the Kromlech Orc Flakvierling kit on its own merits, but also in comparison to the Forge World Ork Flakk Gun.  So, on to the Flakvierling kit itself…

As you can see above, the Kromlech Orc Flakvierling kit comes in relatively few pieces and is easy enough to assemble.  There is even a little customization available in terms of how you place the gun mounts and where you put the  ammunition feeds on the gun.  There are 4 ammo feeds, and 6 ports to place them in (3 on each gun).  I actually played with different combination of how to place these for quite a while before I made my final decision.  Sadly, the Flakvierling kit was the first Kromlech kit I've worked with that had some significant casting/molding problems.  First, there was some warping of the gun barrels.  A few moments in hot water was more than sufficient to soften the barrels, and straighten them out.  However, if you are unfamiliar with making these kind of corrections to resin kits (which are not at all uncommon for thin resin parts) then you will need to take care in how you deal with adjusting these back.  Second, there were a few substantial mold lines on this kit, far more than I've seen on any of the infantry models I worked on before this point. Sadly, however this was not the worst of the issues surrounding this kit from a casting standpoint.  As you can see in the final image on the right, the gun deck did not fit into the hole on the base.  After a fair amount of sanding I was able to get the two parts to fit together; however, it did take quite a lot of sanding and working with the kit to get these two components to come together smoothly.  Once I did get the pieces cleaned, reshaped, and fitting properly, the model was a breeze to paint.

Like the other Kromlech kits, they don't shy away from layering on the details to the Orc Flakvierling kit.  If you, like me, use washes to paint your models then the Kromlech kits are really a joy to paint.  I was able to apply the silver and yellow colors with an airbrush, and get right into picking out the details I wanted with a brush.  A quick dunk in a wash of your choice, and the model looks terrific.  As with my other reviews of Kromlech's products, it's simply a matter of how much detail do you want to pick out on their kits, and how much time do you want to spend painting.  Again, I will caution if you are someone who paints exclusively in the traditional GW brush only, multi-layer style of painting, you should expect it to take quite some time to get through the painting of any of these models simply due to the incredible amount of detail they pack on to many of their surfaces.  This is not at all unlike the Forge World Ork kits which also aggressively layer on the detail.

I kept the images above in black and white so that they better represent the scale of the models and don't focus so much on the paint jobs or style.  That said, the Kromlech Orc Flakvierling kit dwarfs the Forge World Ork Flakk Gun in terms of girth.  However, both are quite comparable in terms of height and detail.  The Flakvierling kit is designed to be a standalone gun emplacement whereas the Flakk Gun is designed to be used as either field artillery or a gun mount for a vehicle, so it makes sense that the Flakvierling would be larger on the battlefield.  As I said before, I think both are comparable in terms of quantity of detail, however the production quality of the Flakk Gun really does surpass the Flakvierling as you look closely at some of the small details.  However, the assembly of the Flakk Gun is much more labor intensive than the Flakvierling and requires working with some very intricate parts.  A final key benefit of the Flakk Gun over the Flakvierling is the Flakk Gunn comes with a gunner and crew (not pictured) as part of the kit.  The Flakvierling not only does not include crew, but does not seem to be designed to easily accommodate any of the Orks for GW or Orcs from Kromlech's line of infantry.  Now to be fair, and not at all surprisingly, the Kromlech Orc Flakvierling kit is about $10 cheaper than the Forge World Flakk Gun. My final assessment is that both are good model kits, but it really does depend on what you want. If you're just looking for an alternative quad-gun for your Orky Aegis defense line, then the Kromlech Orc Flakvierling kit is an excellent less expensive option.  However, if you are looking to add a center piece or something to really make one of your Ork vehicles stand out then the Forge World Flakk Gun is likely to be the better option.

Finally, I'd like to thank TastyTaste for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts on these models with readers of Blood of Kittens.  I hope my reviews have been helpful.  Until I post again… happy painting and gaming!

Kromlech Orc Flakvierling Gun

The set contains one orc quad anti-aircraft cannon



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