Now, normally I don’t waste blog space for pretty pictures, but this just had to be spread forth!

Over the weekend various online pages displayed what could be called the most awe-inspiring display in the history of Warhammer 40k. What makes this display of artistic ingenuity even more impressive is where it come from. Not many people know, but I guess New Zealand has some amazing 40k hobbyists. Small country + lots of free = <fill in the blank> So, when Games Workshop Wellington store had their Armies on Parade weekend, what was displayed was enjoyably surpising.

wargate3 warpgate2darkeldarwarpg


I know, but New Zealand isn’t done!

Check out this Tyranid display!!

nids23 nids34 nids356 nids543To see even more pictures all you have to do is check out GW Wellington Facebook page.


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