Patreon is one of the newest crowd funding sites, giving artists the ability to stay artists while still paying the rent. My good 40k friend Dave Garbe is taking advantage of Patreon; combining his unique skills of web design, hobbying, and love of teaching. His website Wargaming Tradecraft has been going strong for many years, now he is trying to take the next step and try to make a living through wargaming.

Here is a snippet of the Patreon campaign he is trying to do,

Hi, my name’s Dave Garbe, I’m in my early 30’s and my professional field is actually programming, computers and radio engineering. This technical background has provided me with a unique perspective to apply to both my creative projects and the tutorials I write. I’m running this campaign because education should be freely available. Instead of launching a one-time Kickstarter asking for a bunch of money up front which only benefits those directly involved, Patreon gives you and I the opportunity to produce high quality content that’s free to everyone while still offering worth-while rewards.

I’ve been writing detailed tutorials that are easy to read and use strong visuals since July 2010, turning  Wargaming Tradecraft into a comprehensive index helping inexperienced artists learn the basics while still teaching advanced techniques. Browse the site yourself and see just what I’m talking about.

In addition,

Wargaming Tradecraft is a child friendly environment though best described as “PG“. There’s no inappropriate language and no nudity in the sculpts I use, though there are articles on things like creating fake blood and painting wounds. Hobby Safety is something I always promote and suggest other options like using files instead of knives.

Your help will hopefully allow Wargaming Tradecraft become a full time job, leading to regularly posted tutorials covering a wider range of supplies and techniques. I’ve already created a list of roughly 3 years worth of articles and series I’d like to write, not including other requests that will undoubtably come up.

In return, you’ll receive community news, get help on your own projects, influence the tutorials I write and even join some group or one-on-one training via video-chat – depending on the tier you pledge at. In the interest of sustainability, I’ve even opened up some obvious but non-invasive advertising room on the site.

Here is the video he put together to explain in detail what he is trying to do.

To fund this campaign check out this link…


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