When the rumors broke that we are getting a new Eldar codex next week, it felt like Christmas had arrived early. My wishes had been answered and faster than I ever expected. Games Workshop realized the over powered mistake they made with the last Eldar Codex and decided fix it quickly. All it would cost is $50, well worth it, now I could fill my goblets with Eldar tears, and never deal with a serpent shield again. Then reality hit me for a second and like almost everything with GW all wishes come with a catch...

Then I thought about these rumors and the link redirects. According to the rumors the codex is going to be called Eldar Codex: Craftworld. If you pause for a second and think about this, its the same nomenclature used for the Harlequin Codex, which was more like a supplement than anything else. As an old player I remember the 3rd edition Craftworld Codex, more importantly consider the Khorne Daemonkin codex. The Khorne codex didn't rewrite rules, but the Bloodthirster and army wide stuff, leaving the individual unit rules mostly intact.

So, what if this new Craftworld codex isn't a rewrite, but an expansion of the existing codex? My stomach instantly fell to the ground at the thought, so what we end up getting is lazy GW. A GW who just adds some fancy Detachment to make everyone buy the new Eldar Jetbikes. Reprinting the other units verbatim from the old codex just to fill up the pages and calling it a day. This possibility under what we know at the moment seems more plausible than a rewrite of a codex not even two years old.

Then there is this terrible situation, what if they do make changes to core units, but leave the door clearly open for people to interpret it like this...

If I take Codex: Craftworld Detachments I have to follow the new rules, but if I still want to play the old codex rules I am free to do it. If you look at the rules for the new Bloodthirster there is precedence.

The White Dwarf pre-release for the Bloodthirster had rules for the model explicitly designed to be played with the current Daemon codex, but if you look at the  Khorne codex the rules were specifically changed to fit with that codex.

In the brave new world where most players have no problem using two Detachments; what is stopping players from using Detachments which have different rules for the same units? Example: I want to use a Craftworld Jetbikes, but I want the 6th edition codex Farseer to join them, shouldn't that be ok right? I am not even including things like the Iyandan Supplement into the mix!

In past there were clear markers for players, for what was legal and not legal under a certain rules set, now we are looking at a world where we have no idea where the line is drawn. In the current mini release spam frenzy things might only get worse. The GW secrecy wall doesn't help, making it damn hard trying to figure out there this rabbit hole leads. Are these new dexes tied to model releases only or is this some grand scheme to break everything into constituent parts? I am all for flexibility, but are we going to get to the point of Limited Edition Codex: Watchers in the Dark for $200 bucks?

I guess in the end GW has been doing this sort of thing for a very long time, because we already have Eldar Codex: Wave Serpent anyway.


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