Ok guys this is a fast moving story, but someone over at Warseer has the Craftworld Codex and so far a lot of fears are coming true.




Without much further adieu let us get this started. To cut through the Forum chatter I am just going to cut and paste the actual rules being posted, in no particular order.

Exarchs have now 2 Wounds.

Primaris: Guide (no changes)

1: Executioner: Focussed witch fire. 24″. Target receives 3 hits, always wounds on 2+. If target diez, another model receives 2 hits. If target dies another gone receives 1 hit.

2: Fatality: You re-roll to wound or to penetrate when firing at target unit. 24″
3: Will of Asuryan: 12″ bubble of Fear and Adamantium will
4: Fortune: As always
5: Mind fight: Mainly the same.
6: Ancestral Storm: Warp charges 3 (5″ blast), Warp charge 4 (Apoc blast), 24″, Haywire, wounds 2+

Battle runes are basically same:

Primaris: Shrouded / removes Stealth and Shrouded
1: Heavy Flamer / A model recovers a W
2: Fearless / -3 to Ld to target
3: +1 to WS and I / -1 to WS and I
4: +1 to armour sabe / -1 to armour sabe
5: Unit runs +3″ / Target cannot run
6: +1S / -1S

Warlord traits.
1: 12″ bubble. Once per game reroll 1’s to wound
2: 1D3 units get Scout special rule
3: Warlord and his unit run +3″
4: Warlord rerolls all 1’s when saving
5: Warlord has divide fire special rule
6: Friendly units do not scatter if DS at 12″ from Warlord.

All Distortion weapons are Strenght D. All of them. But the scythes apply a -1 when rolling on the D table, and the strenght is considered to be 4 when calculating the instant death. Cost of units are the same as last edition.

Banshees add +3″ when running or assaulting. They ignore the I penalty when assaulting through cover. Masks grants the Banshees their Fear rule and denies Overwatch.

There are no “chapter tactics”.

Wraithknight is LoW (295 points), Jump gargantuan creature
Wraithguard/blades are not tropos anymore if taking a Spiritseer (Only Elites)
Crimson hunter basically the same, but 140 points only.

Sword + Shield: Free (Sword is Strenght D)
Solar cannon + Shield: Free
And the Wraith Cannons?
Is the equipment by default.

Shining spears have 4+ cover save if they moved the previous turn. 25/model. Lance is: 6″, F6, Assault 1, Lance. In combat: +3F when charging. Both are AP3.

Wraithblades: Same but 30/model and have Rage.

Hemlock: Same cost, has Lvl 2, can choose Daemonology (Sacred), Telepathy and Battle Runes. D-Scythes are a special D weapon as mentioned above,.

Serpents are 110 points, and shield is now: S6, Assault 2D6, Ignores cover, One use only.

No changes on Battle focus of the bladestorm rule. No hints on the Iyanden codex

Scorpions: 17/model, Infiltration, Stealth, and Shrouded until the fire of fight in combat
Warp Spiders: 19/model Monofilament rule has changed.They roll to wound against I, although the T is still used to calculate ID.
Hawks: 16/model, they move 18″, and when moving over a Flyer the can do a special attack. Hits on 4+, S4, AP4 Haywire

All Heavy Support Tanks coming Squadrons now.

Falcon: if Deep Strike, first Falcon does not scatter. Others are place at 4″.

Fire Prism: For each additional Fire Prism firing +1S / -1AP

Night Spinners: +1S for each Night spinner

Guardians: Same

Dire avengers: They overwatch with BS2

Avatar is LoW, Fearless, Furious Charge, Rage 12″ bubble Wailing Doom is +2 Str so Str8

Warp Spiders:

They can move as before 6+2D6″ and if double “1” loose a model, but they can choose to jump (2D6″) in the opponent’s shooting phase after the Warp Spiders are chosen as a target. If Warp Spiders are out of range or out of LoS after this movement, firing unit cannot choose another target. If they jump in the opponent’s shooting phase, they cannot jump on their next turn.

Dark Reapers:
25 points per model. They re-roll to hit against anything that flies, turboboosts or moved flat out. All models ignore Jink saves.

No more Malific Psychic powers!


Guardian battlehost: Vypers, Warwalkers and Vaul’s support batteries get preferred enemy if they have a unit of Guardias at 12″. Guardians can purchase a Platform for free.

Windrider host: Once per game all formation gets Shred when firing shuriken weapons

Guardian Stormhost: Vypers, Warwalkers and Vaul’s support batteries get preferred enemy if they have a unit of Guardias at 12″. Storm guardians can purchase 2 special weapons for free.

Seer council: They harness Warp charges with 3+.

Aspect Host: They re-roll LD tests and get +1 to WS or BS.

Dire Avenger Shrine: Once per game, Shuriken weapons are Assault 3. +1 to BS

Crimson Death: Preferred enemy (Flying things), 4+ cover save, and if Jink, may re-roll the cover save.

Wraithhost: Get battle trance, if targe is at 18″ or less from spiritser, reroll to hit


– A pistol S4, AP3, Rending
– A sword +2S, AP- Rending and if fighting in a challenge, wounds on 2+ and Instant Death
– One sniper rifle, AP2, 120″
– One ítem that if bearer does not cast any phychic power, or shots during the shooting phase, he can run 48″ and may reroll cover saves.
– One sword +1S, AP3, Soulblaze (affects wounded unit and all enemy units at 6″)
– One ítem that when bearer diez, 5″ template is placed and all models suffer one S4, AP5 hit. If at least, one wound is infflicted, bearer comes back to life, with 1W. One use only
– One ítem that makes psyhic powers required 1 WC less. No inv saves if done so.

Illic: night spears weapon has lost distort but always has precision shot and can give that to ranger units he joins.

Asurmen (220)
4++ (3++ if fighting in a challenge). Gets 1D3 Warlord traits. Sword is +1S, AP2, Mastercrafterd. For each wound take a Ld test. If failed model dies.

Jain Zar (200)
When fighting in a challange, Jain Zar chooses a weapon of is opponent. He may not use this weapon. If done so, Jain Zar has -1A. Enemy models at +6″ get -5 to WS (Mínimum 1). Her sword is AP2, Shred.

Karandras (200)
When arriving from reserves can choose any border. His mandiblaster ignores ALL saves. Mandiblaster wounds on 2+/4+

Fuegan (220)
He gets +1S and +1A for each lost wound.

Baharroth (170)
When DS all units at 6″ are treated as hit by a weapon with the Blind SR.

Maugan Ra (195)
Can fire his Maugetar twice per turn (That means 8 S6 Rending shots). Maugetar has an alternative profile: Assault 1, S1, Poison 2+. If one model dies, put 5″ marker. All models under the template get a S5 AP4 hit.

Warlock conclave Works as a single psyker. 1-3 Lvl1, 4-6 Lvl2, 7+ Lvl 3. They can choose Sacred Daemonlogy and Battle Runes.

Laserlock is gone

Ghost helm: When suffering a wound, Farseer can spend one warp point and ignore the wound.

Runes of the farseer: Once per turn, Farseer may reroll a psychic test.

Exarch powers: as we all know them are gone. Now all aspects get a new ability for free. Exarchs get another one (free as well)

Dire Avengers: Overwatch at BS2 OR get counter attack and stubborn
Exarch: 4++

Howling banshees: +3″ when running or assaulting. Ignore I penalties when assaulting through difficult terrain. Fear. No Overwatch allowed when Banshees assault
Exarch: Units in CC with the Banshees have -2L

Striking Scorpions: Stealth. Shrouded until the fire or assault.

Mandiblásters on 4+ they inflict a Wound regardless the T of the target. If target is Gargantuan creature, they only wound on 6’s.

Exarch: During a challenge compare I values. Exarch gets +1A for each point his I is better tan his oponent.

Fire Dragons: +1 on the vehicle damage chart.
Exarch: Once per turn, may reroll one to hit, to wound or to penetrare roll

Swooping Haws: If the move over a flier, every modl gets one special attack that hits on 4+, S4, AP4, Haywire. They move 18″
Exarch: His unit does not scatter if DS

Warp Spiders: They may jump during the opponent’s shooting phase. If after the jum, the spiders are out of LoS or reach, firing unit cannot choose another target.
Exarch: His unit reroll all LD tests

Shining Spears: 4+ cover sabe
Exarch: Reroll to wound vs MC and rerolls to penétrate

Dark Reapers: Reroll to hit if target is: Flier, has turboboosted previous turn or moved flat out
Exarch: His weapon fires one more shot tan normally. For example: Heavy 2 becomes Heavy 3

Vypers: 40 points/model. Squad size: 1-6
Walkers: 60 points/model: Squad size: 1-3
Upgrades are:

Holofields + 15 points Holofields are 5++
Ignore Stunnig and Shaken with 4+ and 2+ (10 points)
Move through cover (10 points)
When moving flat out: 24″ (15 points)
Once per game after moving flat out, may fire a single weapon at full BS (25 points)



As we get more stuff I will post more stuff.


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