As everyone is going gaga over the images from the new Warhammer World, news broke about an exclusive Campaign supplement you can only buy at Warhammer World. How long it is exclusive to just that store is anyone guess, but the Formations are of immense size making me think they are Apocalypse only, but with Games Workshop blurring the lines you never can know.

The Campaign Supplementtitled: The Blood Oath, features A host of Imperial Forces vs. Khorne Daemonkin taking advantage of a few new models from Forge World. We still don’t know the size of the book or the price, but the scope is epic.

Here are images torn from the internet showing exactly what I mean.


New Khorne Daemonkin Formations

Hell-forged Hunting Pack Goreguard FistofKhorne

Bloodied Horde

New Imperial Formations

Emperorohandstrikeforce ANviloftheemerporer SPear of Sicriius Ultramarines 1st company

As you can see, pretty crazy!

Try fitting these Formations in a regular 1850 game. On one hand it is cool Warhammer World gets cool content, but as a global company GW really should make these sort of things assessable for everyone around the world. Everyone assumes these things will be available at some point for us colonials, but with GW you can never be too sure.


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