Rumor Has It: Tau, White Scars, Raven Guard Leak Compilation


Rumor Has It is rated: mongering for spreading pseudo truthieness through leaks and rumors about Warhammer 40k

Wow, everything sure did leak over the weekend for the Tau codex, to make sense of it all I am have decided to take the disparate leaks and organize them. As many of you already know, the Tau codex is only an update of the 6th ed one, so much of it has remained the same, with new content is mostly regulated to Detachments, Formations, and a few new units.

In addition, we got leaks of Formations for the Space Marines, more specifically Raven Guard and White Scars chapters. It seems like the digital versions were downloadable for a brief time and people capitalized on the error. I will make updates throughout the week if anything new comes up as well.

Enough talking lets get on to what you really want!


Lastly, we have some text based Q&A from Iuchiban of Warseer who had the Tau Codex in hand. Here is highlights and links to threads for more Tau Discussions.

Link to Tau Warseer Thread

Link to Tau Dakkadakka

Thread Link to Iuchiban’s profile

Highlights from Warseer Thread Below.

Codex is soft cover

Hunter Contingent
Consists of:
0-1 Command
1+ Basic
1-10 Auxiliaries

0-1 Command:
– 1 Commander or Shadowsun
– 0-1 Ethereal or Aun’va or Aun’shi
– 1-2 Crisis bodyguards

1+ Basic (Hunder Cadre):
1 Commander
0-1 Fireblade
0-1 Crisis Bodyguards
3-6 Strike, Breacher or Kroot
1-3 Stealth Suits, Ghostkeels, Riptides or Crisis.
1-3 Pathfinders, Piranhas, Vespid, Drones
1-3 Broadsides, Hammerhead, Stormsurge, Sniper

1-10 Auxiliaries:
Retallion Cadre
– 1 Commander
– 3 units of Crisis
– 1 Broadside unit
– 1 Riptide unit
Rules: Relentless
+1 BS when Deep striking
May choose to enter from reserves in turn 2 via Deep Strike. This includes Broadsides.

Heavy Retribution Cadre
– 2 Stormsurges
– 3 Ghostkeels
Rules: If target is at 12″ or less from the Ghostkeel, reroll to hit. It two units of the formation, shoot at the same target, target unit cannot run or move flat out next turn, and assault distance is halved (rounded down)

Infiltration Cadre
– 3 Pathfinder units
– 2 Stealth battlesuit units
– 1 Piranha unit
Rules: If one unit of the formation is destroyed, rest of the formation enters from reserve next turn automatically.
If an enemy unit gets hit by 3 or more markerights from this formation, you get a free Seeker missile hit to this unit.

Optimised Stealth Cadre
– 1 Ghostkeel
– 2 Stealth Suit units
Rules: Ghostkeels and any Stealth Battlesuit unit in the formation at 6″ of the Ghostkeel ignore cover, add +1 to BS and hit vehicles in the rear

Firebase Support Cadre
– 2 units of battlesuits
– 1 unit Riptides
Note that they do not have to be max size like before
Rules: They formation can combine their shooting attacks and shoot as a single unit. When doing so, they get Tank and monster hunter SR.

Armored Interdiction Cadre
– 3 Units of Hammerheads
– 1 Unit of Sky Rays
Rules: Choose a point in the battlefield. When shooting to a unit at 6″ or less from this point, reroll to hit.
Air Support Cadre
– 1 Sun Shark Bomber
– 1 Razorshark Strike Fighter
Rules: Ignore shaken and stunned with 2+.
Beginning of the turn, roll a D6 for each lost hull point. If you roll a 6, recover 1 HP.

Allied Advanced Cadre
– 4 units of Kroot
– 2 units of Vespids
Rules: Vespids get Infiltration and Stealth (Forests)
Kroot at 12″ from Vespid units, get Obscured (Forests) instead of Stealth (Forests), and get +1 BS
They all get supporting fire with other units of the formation.

Rules for Hunter Cadre:
– Supporting Fire at 12″
– Can run and the shoot. In this order.

Rules for Hunter Contingent:
– Reroll Warlord trait
– Units can combine their shooting attacks, and shoot as if they were a single unit. So they can get benefit from special rules and the same markerlight, for example. This is really, really powerful.

Other Changes:
– Fire Team SR – +1 BS when 3 or more models in the same unit fire at the same target (or is it maximum squad size?)
– Sky Rays/Hammerheads can now be taken in Squadrons of 1-3
– Riptides can be taken in units of 1-3
– Destroyer Missiles count as Strength D with the expenditure of a Markerlight

‘Fire Team’ Special Rule: Unit gains +1BS if unit size is 3 models during Shooting Phase. Applies only to Riptides, Ghostkeels, Hammerheads, and Skyrays.

Signature Systems: Appear to be the same as before.

Experimental Weapons: No longer a thing, Cyclic Ion Blaster and Air-Frag Launcher now standard weapons

Crisis Bodyguards: Now an Elites choice (?)

Crisis Team: Gain ‘Fire Team’ Special Rule

Stealth Team: Still an Elites choice, no apparent changes.

Kroot Carnivore Squad: No apparent changes.

Hammerhead Gunship: Available in Squadrons of 1-3, gain ‘Fire Team’ Special Rule

Skyray Gunship: Available in Squadrons of 1-3, gain ‘Fire Team’ Special Rule

Crisis Battlesuit Commander: Coldstar Battlesuit loses access to Signature Systems, can take two Support Systems in addition to fixed wargear.

Riptide: Now available in Squadrons (Teams?) of 1-3, gain ‘Fire Team’ Special Rule. Nova Reactor works as before, each Riptide in the unit rolls separately and may choose different effects if they want.

Broadside Team: Gain the ‘Fire Team’ Special Rule, Heavy Rail Rifle remains the same.

Stormsurge: 1 Markerlight token upgrades 1 Destroyer Missile from S8 to SD