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40k Buying Guide: Current Bestselling 40k Products


40k Buying Guide is rated empty your pockets. These articles are meant to help you continue complaining about GW pricing schemes at the same time you are buying used models on Ebay

As you may or may not know Games Workshop has an interesting feature on their website that has comes and goes. Whenever you go and check out the Warhammer 40k tab on the GW site you will notice filters, and one shows their bestselling models. This is an interesting look into the highly secretive company making our favorite toys. We can assume the list represents the top selling models ordered through the GW site, and seems likely they are not trying peddle any poor selling kits on us. Last time I broke the list down was back in on August 8th, 2015.¬† Keep in mind the list isn’t done in any numerical order. Let us look to see if anything has changed since the Summer.

There you have it, the current top 12 Warhammer 40k kits. We still don’t see any single model kits or Finecast kits making it into the list. If you break it down, by army only three boxes on the list come from true Xenos factions. The only one item dropped out from the previous list (Necron Battleforce), in its place we got the Bloodthirster, Tyranid Swarm, and Betrayal of Calth Box Set. GW seems to update the list haphazardly, if only they had some sort of rhythm I think it would be an interesting tool to track trends and sales.

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